Tanden Zangmo

Heavy new penalties for littering and waste

Littering and illegal disposal of garbage will be levied heavy fines according to the amended Waste Prevention and Management Rules. This was done following the national cleaning campaign held on December 9 to commemorate a decade of His Majesty’s Reign. Agriculture and Forest minister Yeshey Dorji said such stern provisions …

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Four new butterfly species discovered


Bhutan now has a total of 732 butterfly species with the discovery of four new species called Khaki Silverline in the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. The four new species are Scobura isota -Khasi Forest Bob, Niphanda cymbia- Pointed Perrot, Horaga viola – Brown Onyx and Horaga syrinx- Ambon Onyx (Female) A team …

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Officials rescue critically injured Sambar Deer


Forest officials from the Paro Range Office rescued a female Sambar deer in Tsento gewog that was critically injured after being chased by a pack of strays. The forest official with the Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section (WRAHS), Gyem Tshering, said that the deer’s forelimbs were completely broken and …

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Gearing up for the fire season


Besides stern legislation and regular public awareness, the department of forest and park services has come up with various innovative initiatives to prevent forest fires this season. One of these initiatives is pre-prevention measures such as fire breaks to reduce spread of a potential fire and facilitate effective suppression. “Fire …

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Land kidu and its significant impact on farming communities

A beautiful farm road twists into idyllic Khenadang village, where people from the most far flung corners of Pemagatshel have been resettled under His Majesty's People's Project

His Majesty’s compassion and kidu has brought comfort and happiness to the destitute and underprivileged through improved quality of health, welfare and education. Land kidu granted through the ongoing land reforms initiated by His Majesty in 2007 is helping to bridge economic disparity in rural Bhutan and create an equal …

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Rebuilding homes and lives after a disaster


His Majesty’s presence during disasters has always been a source of hope and relief torebuild homes and lives. In the recent times Bhutan has witnessed atleast six major disasters since 2009. This includes earthquakes, Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs), floods or flash floods, landslides, forest fires and structural fires and …

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