Sonam Yangdon

Ministries pass the buck over ignorance and lack of coordination on EDP

The recently launched Economic Development Policy (EDP) 2017, states that major public procurement works shall have a minimum defect liability period of three years and an inbuilt system of repair and maintenance thereafter, to ensure quality and sustainability of public infrastructure. But officials from Ministry of Work and Human Settlement …

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Bhutan Telecom and Tashi Cell explain their challenges


The two existing telcos, Bhutan Telecom and Tashi InfoComm, maintain that the Bhutanese market is too small to sustain a third operator and that they are faced with numerous challenges in providing efficient and customer satisfactory services at the moment. According to Tashi InfoComm one major impediment is getting loans …

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Hue and cry over parking fee charges at Paro airport


The recently implemented parking fee collection system at the Paro airport has sparked much debate regarding the charges levied on the drivers. Many took to social media to outpour their grievances and disagreement of such charges with many terming the existing rates as ridiculous, open daylight robbery and a very …

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Bhutan to import five tons of rice seeds from Bangladesh

The ministry of agriculture will be import five metric tonnes (MT) of rice seeds from Bangladesh to promote double cropping of paddy and reduce import of the staple diet. “The seeds will be used to cultivate spring rice from February to June in the mid and low altitude areas between …

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Important reforms in the judicial system to suit the changing times


To ensure that the judicial system achieves its main objective of fulfilling the constitutional mandate of upholding the rule of law and to ensure transparency, impartiality and integrity in the administration of justice, several reforms were carried out to strengthen its independence last year. According to the annual judicial report …

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Monetary and Matrimonial cases top the list


According to the annual judiciary report, amongst the twenty Dzongkhag Courts, Thimphu with five benches has the highest number of cases registered with 1,696 and also with highest numbers of cases decided with 1,491 cases, followed by Wangdue Phodrang with 502 cases. Gasa Dzongkhag court has the lowest with 33 …

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