Tenzing Lamsang

India’s CEA declines Bhutan’s requests on CBTE


The Bhutanese government around two months ago, through diplomatic channels, sent a letter to the Indian government over Bhutan’s various concerns over the Cross Border Trade in Electricity (CBTE) guidelines issued on 5th December 2016. The CBTE guidelines, though meant to govern electricity trade between India and its neighbors, had …

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No GST discounts until RGoB agrees

Bhutanese businesses and consumers expecting a dramatic drop in the price of GST item goods like cars, electronic and machinery items and most consumer goods from India will not see it happen until Bhutan gives the go ahead to the Indian government. There is an official understanding between the two …

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Understanding the Doklam border issue


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), on 29th June, issued a press release saying that China’s building of a road inside Bhutanese territory is a violation of the 1988 and 1998 written agreements between the two countries to maintain peace and tranquility and the status quo pending a final settlement …

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Bhutan hoping for a 12.5% hike in Chukha Tariff

In the recently held Chukha tariff revision talks between Bhutan and India in New Delhi on 22nd June, though both sides agreed that it is time for a revision, there are differences in what could be the final revision. The 1974 agreement on Chukha project outlines that the tariff will …

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