Tenzing Lamsang

Attending a Donald Trump Rally

A plan to attend a Donald Trump rally on 2nd May as a part of an international media delegation organized by the Foreign Press Center under the State Department got off to an ominous start when some early requests by some members for press credentials were denied. Donald Trump’s campaign’s …

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Trump Vs Hillary race in November

A political earthquake, with its epicenter in Indiana shook the USA on 3rd May when Republican candidate Ted Cruz dropped out leaving the way clear for Donald Trump to be the Republican Presidential nominee. A day later, this path was made even more firm when John Kasich, the last competitor …

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Social media and winning the US Presidential elections

The 2013 General Elections in Bhutan saw social media playing a major role with supporters of both parties using it in both positive and negative ways. This seems to be part of a global trend with the United States Presidential race, since 2008, being the global trendsetter with both Democratic …

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