How to avoid defamation

New Zealand barrister Steven Price has a 12-point checklist that’s especially useful for the unwary Defamation lawsuits, when they occur, are usually expensive, technical, drawn-out, stressful affairs. You are better off avoiding them if you can. So it makes sense to minimise the risks. You can do that by writing …

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The 10,000 MW commitment

In 2008, the then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made an important commitment of 10,000 MW by 2020, following up on an earlier 5,000 MW agreement in 2006. Subsequently agreements were signed between Bhutan and India in 2009 identifying 10 projects. Of the 10 projects six which formed the bulk …

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Learn from Chuzagang


Every year, when the monsoon hits, Chuzagang is cut off from rest of the world. The rains, outrageous in nature and size, always soak and wash away temporary bridges that the villagers build over the infamous Mao River. Subsequent floods destroy the lone feeder road that connects the village with …

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Using Social Media

The last one week witnessed a virtual firestorm in the social media based on a free lance journalist hosting a post on a legal case by that went viral. There were responses and counter responses as people shared articles and also their views in various ways. There are some vital …

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A Prince is born, but a King is made


Did you know that the future of Bhutan is always better than that of the past? Did you also know that it is because each successive King is always better than His father? And, most importantly, did you know that it is because each successive King made His son always …

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Quality check

Buy any household appliance or item from town, and there will be a good chance that it is either a duplicate item or is of poor quality. A close look at most buildings in Thimphu will also reveal a bounty of poor quality or fake electrical parts and switches, often …

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Tougher parameters to improve mobile services

Concerned with the deterioration in mobile service quality since the latter half of 2015, Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) initiated a survey on the Quality of Service Experienced (QoSE) in eight Dzongkhags with the highest mobile users to understand individual user experiences while accessing mobile services. The regulatory authority …

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in RIGSS Friday Forum

World renowned Indian yogi, mystic and author Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev spoke yesterday at the 15th Friday Forum of the Royal Institute of Governance and Strategic Studies at the National Council Banquet Hall in Thimphu. The Prime Minister and Ministers also attended the talk with members of RIGSS and the public. …

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