Tshering Delma

Lightning strike hits 5


A nine-year old student was admitted in hospital after being electrocuted by a metal pole hit by a lightning strike in lower Goshi in Dagana on 12th March at around 4.30 pm. Four others were also admitted to hospital due to minor injuries caused by the same lightning  strike. The …

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ARI outbreak in Sherubling and Nangkhor schools

This week, the students in Sherubling Central School in Trongsa reported high fever, body ache and some other sickness like fatigue and cough. Following the high number of absentees in schools, it was confirmed that about more than 70 students were infected with Influenza-like illness (ILI) also known as acute respiratory infection …

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All BHUs to have periodic access to female health workers

Last year, the health ministry committed to provide at least one female health worker in all the 184 Basic Health Unit (BHU) by January 2018. To fulfill the commitment the ministry issued a transfer order for Health Assistants (HA) to go to BHUs lacking female health assistants. The ministry initially …

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STEM Olympiad to showcase scientific innovation

With aims to encourage scientific innovation and creativity among school children, the Science Technology Engineering Mathematic (STEM) Olympiad at a national-level returns this June. It is organized by Ministry of Education (MoE) in collaboration with Royal Education Council (REC). The program coordinator, Bhoj Raj Rai, said STEM Olympiad provides a …

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An abandoned man


Near a muddy stream in Babesa, Thimphu, is a makeshift hut of plastic and bamboo. It is home to a man in his mid 50s who suffers from a speech disability and one side of his body is paralysed. Several Thimphu residents who have walked through the area, below the …

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Health Ministry achieves 8 indicators and 31 on track

Of the 39 success indicators, the health ministry has achieved 8 while 31 are on track according to the mid-year review of the Annual Performance Agreement 2017-2018. The percentage of rural households with access to improved sanitation was highlighted as one of the major success indicators, which initially was targeted …

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Best class 10 results in four years

Namgyel Pelzang Dorji, Angie Yoedzer & Basu Dev Upadhya

60.2 % cut off percentage for class XI now A total of 6,187 students have qualified for class XI in government higher secondary schools according to the Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA) that declared the 2017 class X results on Thursday, January 18. The cut off point …

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