Tshetrim Namgay

Highway Zebras or Highway snails ?

Photo Courtesy: www.ifc.org

High schools and colleges are on breaks and Thimphu is crowded. Given the already high concentration of vehicles in the Thimphu region (53 percent), traffic is slower than ever in the winter months. While not as bad as conditions in regional countries like India, Nepal or Bangladesh, for the average …

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Chamkhar’s Fiery Pattern


Yet again gutted, fires are occurring with an unpleasant regularity in Chamkhar town. The fourth, and latest, started at 8:40pm on Wednesday night and razed 23 shops in six houses to the ground in two hours. Aum Lemo was starting a khuley and ema datsi dinner when the power died. …

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King Jigme and Thailand


Jigme is the most well known Bhutanese name in Thailand    When His Majesty the King, then the crown prince, visited the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 60th anniversary in November 2006, Thailand noticed. Dubbing him “Prince Charming”, the Thai media ran story after story about the dapper, young bachelor with …

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The Stories of a Friend King


Stories abound around the country and, thanks to social media, around the world about the humbling deeds proffered by a humble King.  His Majesty The  King has cooked at a community school in Mongar for children undergoing the trauma of an earthquake that left their homes in ruins, slept in …

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Bhutan has clean air, Thimphu does not


Since 2004, the concentration of PM 10 has more than doubled In his TED talk earlier this year, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay famously stated that Bhutan is not only carbon neutral it is carbon negative. While it is true for the nation as a whole, urban centers like Thimphu have …

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MoLHR Minister: Employment for Education grads not an issue

Drujeygang Tseza MP Karma Dorji, a former teacher, questioned the Minister of MoLHR on the employment prospects for the increasing education graduates particularly from the colleges of Samtse and Paro and what plans the government had to ensure that these trainees find jobs upon graduation. “There are currently 839 teacher …

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