Battered-victim stabs man, victim becomes delinquent

Two students of Yangchenphug Higher Secondary were arrested for battering a 24-year old man in the Central Plaza building, Thimphu on June 7.

The case was reported to the police by an informant who witnessed the scene at around 7pm.

The incident occurred when the victim a school dropout, went to look for his wife in his neighborhood and entered a house where the two boys were residing.

He strangled one of the boys, and in the scuffle which ensued, the boys took him out in the corridors, kicked and banged him on the pillars and wall of the buildings.

Eventually, the boys left the battered man in the corridor and went-on home.

The boys in their statement stated that the victim irritated them when he repeatedly insisted that they had knowledge about his wife’s whereabouts.

However the victim followed them (the boys) to their place and met with the cook who works for a restaurant in Central Plaza. The cook tried to persuade him from finding the boys.

When the victim insisted on following the boys, the cook lifted him up and dropped him on the cemented corridor.

Later when the cook was walking home, the man stabbed him from the back, which the police describe as a clean and regular major cut on the outer aspect of the right eye and on the right shoulder blade.

The police recovered the kitchen knife from the man (who now attained the status of a ‘suspect’).

The four involved were arrested on the same day and placed under police custody.


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  1. how does a victim become ‘delinquent’ after an incident??

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