Uncle arrested for raping and impregnating niece

Thimphu police arrested a 47 year old man from Shaba, Paro for impregnating his 14 year old niece. The case was initially forwarded to the police by the Forensic Department, JDWNRH on 5th September stating that a minor school going girl was found to be pregnant while doing a medical …

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Consumers in Bhutan protected by consumer law

Are Bhutanese protected as consumers in case of products with defects and the producer incurs a legal liability for producing unsafe products? Yes say officials of the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP). “According to the Consumer Protection Act of Bhutan 2012, in determining what a person is generally entitled to …

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Roadblocks due to road widening work: MoWHS

Road widening works in different parts of the country is also one reason for roadblocks during the monsoon season according to officials of the department of roads (DoR). For example, certain critical locations with frequent and major roadblocks are Rewtala, Box-cutting and Khawachen where widening and stabilsing work has been …

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Lesser women visiting Drop In-Centres

Compared with males, fewer females are visiting the youth centres in the capital that provide counselling services to those dependent on alcohol and drugs. Last year 30 percent visitors were female and this year it has dropped to 10 percent. The centres provide counselling to the needy and additional information …

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In a sex workers shoes

For commercial sex workers in Bhutan, getting caught by authorities is the biggest fear since the trade is not legal. That is why no complaints are lodged with police even if clients physically beat them up or refuse to pay for services rendered. “Operating undercover they take a lot of …

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How to prevent your WeChat from being hacked


In the wake of the recent hackings of the WeChat accounts of many users where obscene and pornographic contents have been circulated, the Bhutan Computer Incident Response Team (BtCIRT) of the Ministry of Information and Communications has come up with some detailed advisory measures on how to secure the app. …

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