Tashiding common forum

The two gup candidates of Tashiding gewog in Dagana dzongkhag have concluded their Common Forum visiting four chiwogs and making themselves known to the voters as their next likely leaders. As the candidates prepare for the September 27th Poll Day of the second LG elections, they are working to please …

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Electorate and supporters start travelling to gewogs

Packed buses are leaving the Thimphu bus terminal as the electorate moves to constituencies to support nomination of their candidates in the second local government elections scheduled for the first week of September. “I booked seats a few days ago for my wife and I to travel to Trashigang,” said …

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Former Gup Vs Gaydrung for Samkhar gup election


In Samkhar gewog, experience triumphed in the chiwog zomdu held last week to finalise the nominations for gup contestants. Of the four aspiring gup candidates in the gewog, a former Gup and the Gewog Gaydrung went through the nominations with majority votes. Former Gup Sonam Dorji defeated his uncle Jangchub …

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Uninterested Paga has no candidate for Gup and Mangmi


Paga chiwog in Chapcha gewog, Chukha, has no candidates for the Gup or Mangmi post but has  four candidates contesting for the past of Tshogpa. During the Chiwog Zomdu to nominate candidates only 33 people showed up from its 35 households with 198 eligible voters. Dagow, 52, the former Tshogpa, …

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Former Mangmi to contest for Gup in Pling Gewog

Phuentsholing gewog has nominated its former Mangmi to contest for Gup. Chandra Man Rai, 37, from Linding Chiwog served as Mangmi of Phuentsholing gewog since 2004. He completed higher secondary education from Thimphu in 2003. Now after 13 years as Mangmi, Chandra Man Rai is contesting for gup. “I never …

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PAC ask’s health ministry to resolve 2009-13 irregularities

Public Hearing conducted by Public Accounts Committee (PAC) with the Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday came up with the resolution requiring the agencies under the health ministry to resolve unresolved audit irregularities pertaining to 2009 to 2013. The committee raised six issues pertaining to 2009 and 2013, and as of …

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Final report shows monsoon crop damage across Dzongkhags

Apart from damages to property and road infrastructure several dzongkhags suffered a significant crop loss to the monsoon according to a report released by the Agriculture Ministry. In Bumthang, potato crop of 115 acres amounting to 793,833 kg were affected. Crops like buckwheat and maize were also damaged. Of the …

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Two Ex-Gomchens vying for Bartsham Gup post


Two former gomchens (lay monks) are vying for Gup in Trashigang’s Bartshamgewog, which has the least candidates contesting for the post, in the local government elections scheduled for September. Bartsham is regarded as the business gewog of the eastern district just as Radhi and Phongmey KezangDawa, 34, from Kummung chiwog …

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Graduate for Gup in Phuentsholing gewog


Phuentsholing gewog in Chukha dzongkhag has 10 candidates contesting for Gup. Tek Bdr Ghalley is one of the two graduates contesting for the post. Tek Bdr Ghalley, 29, is from Deling-Marbji, Phuentsholing gewog. He graduated in 2011 from Kalimpong with a B.Com (honours) degree. He worked as an administration officer …

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Zero Tolerance Friday: For and Against


Zero Tolerance Friday was introduced not to harass motorists but to make them more responsible drivers by restricting drink driving and to inculcate the habit of carrying up-to-date vehicle documents according to the officiating Superintendent of Police (SP), Traffic Division. Zero Tolerance was introduced last year after motor mishaps showed …

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