Zone three parking area at Paro Airport to now be free

The Department of Air Transport (DAT) in consultation with its ministry will declare parking zone three, below the airport cafeteria till the BCAA office, as a free parking area from 1st April. Currently the parking charges for zone three is Nu.20 for thirty minutes or less. “After implementing the parking …

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Govt farm hits Sarpang Cooperative


Ever since the agriculture ministry established two mega poultry farms with 80,000 birds, the smaller privately run poultry unit in Sarpang has been struggling to find a market for their produce. According to the Chairman of Sarpang Layers Cooperatives (SLC), Nima Lama, poultry owners are struggling with various problems. The …

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Energy efficient lighting can save Bhutan Nu 142 mn a year


Research studies indicate that in developing countries up to 86 percent of electricity produced is consumed for lighting purposes. Applying more efficient lighting systems could therefore lead to huge energy savings and reduction in carbon dioxide. In partnership with universities in Finland, Greece, France and Nepal and co funded by …

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One arrested for twin Burglary on same day

Thimphu police on 14th March arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with the burglary of two apartments on the same day. The telephone complaint was lodged by one teacher stating that the latch to her door was broken and the door was locked from inside. The police team arrested the …

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Super grass: a solution to fodder shortage


A new hybrid grass called Pakchong Napier, which is gaining popularity among dairy farmers in Bhutan, could be the answer to fodder shortage in the country. Nutritious, fast growing and high-yielding this super grass, which claims to contain 16 to 18 % crude protein of a paddy straw feed, is …

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20 youth drop outs take up farming due to farm mechanization


A group of 20 youth in Gyserling gewog, Dagana, who dropped out of the education system, have come together to take up farming. The group was encouraged by the recent visit of agriculture minister who suggested they submit proposals to the Regional Livestock Development Center (RLDC) and Agriculture Research Development …

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Important reforms in the judicial system to suit the changing times


To ensure that the judicial system achieves its main objective of fulfilling the constitutional mandate of upholding the rule of law and to ensure transparency, impartiality and integrity in the administration of justice, several reforms were carried out to strengthen its independence last year. According to the annual judicial report …

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