The vexing issue of high youth unemployment in rural areas 

The unemployment issue, which emerged in early 2000, is seen as one of the major challenges facing Bhutan. As per the Labour Force Survey 2014, the national unemployment rate is estimated at 2.6 percent, which is low compared to South Asian countries. However, the youth unemployment rate at 9.4 percent …

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Man damages eight cars in one night

On 28 March, Thimphu police arrested a 23 years old man from Lhuentse for damaging eight different types of car, parked near the Mothithang fuel depot. Upon receiving a complaint, the police reached the scene and though the suspect fled away the police using the description given by the complainant, …

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The need to diversify Bhutan’s trade with India

While Bhutan’s major export to India is electricity, which accounts for a major source of revenue besides tourism, the discussions on the challenges and opportunity in doing business with India event saw other areas which could have promising results for the Bhutanese economy. According to the Indian Ambassador Jaideep Sarker, …

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Free press helps in rural development

Over the years for Bhutan, developmental activities have taken a leap from urban areas more towards rural areas. According to a majority of people from all walks of life, media has had a huge impact in rural development in almost all parts of Bhutan. For people in the rural areas, …

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BNCA receives 55 drug abusers in 7 months

The BNCA under its new mandate to treat drug abusers received 55 clients in seven months out of which 52 are male and three are female. They have assisted 30 clients and the rest are undergoing treatment. They have been sending them to drop-in centers, rehabilitation centers and the psychiatric …

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Central school’s benefit rural youth and the poor


A total of 51 central schools have been established within this year where 27 are newly established based on the studies on the number of youth and general population and also the remoteness of that area of the country. Central schools are not only expected to generally improve the quality …

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50 yr old travels 3 days from Merak to offer wishes


Kezang Dorji, who travelled for 3 days to reach Thimphu from his village in Merak, realized his heart’s desire and the purpose of his journey, when he had the joy of receiving an Audience with His Majesty The King, and offering his wishes for the Royal Birth. Kezang, who is 50 years old, expressed …

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Women happy with maternity leave

It is the fourth day after the commencement of the extended Maternity Leave by the Royal Civil Service Commission and already the mothers who gave birth since 1st September last year are entitled to a 6 months maternity leave.  The 6 months maternity leave includes full pay including the house …

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