MoLHR Minister: Employment for Education grads not an issue

Drujeygang Tseza MP Karma Dorji, a former teacher, questioned the Minister of MoLHR on the employment prospects for the increasing education graduates particularly from the colleges of Samtse and Paro and what plans the government had to ensure that these trainees find jobs upon graduation. “There are currently 839 teacher …

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Three arrested for possession of controlled substances

Thimphu Police detained on the same day, in separate incidents, two taxi drivers and a high school student for possession of controlled prescription drugs. The taxi drivers aged 38 and 32 who were on their way to Kuenselphodrang were apprehended from Changzamtog at around 1 pm. Police seized from them …

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Defamation case starts evidence hearing

The defamation suit filed by Sonam Phuntsho (Ap SP) against former BBS anchor Namgay Zam and Dr. Shacha Wangmo entered the evidential phase yesterday. Ap SP submitted that since the defendants had claimed he does not have a good relation with anybody including his relatives, they should prove the truth …

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Helping highlanders achieve vegetable sufficiency

Aie Thinley Dem in her vegetable garden

Laya lies just meters below the tree-line and it’s no surprise that Layaps until recently have been relying on very expensive week old vegetables from Gasa and Punakha, a necessity enforced by the harsh conditions of the highlands across the country. While Laya has grown prosperous (helicopter chartering is quite …

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Wildlife encroachment into urban territories increasing


Tanden Zangmo/ Thimphu Wildlife encroaching human habitation is increasing every year according to a report maintained by the Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section (WRAHS) at Taba, Thimphu. Last year there were 80 incidents of wildlife being rescued from human habitation according to the report. This year, as of October, …

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Misconceptions plague LGBT community

Numerous misconceptions are worsening the social stigma and discrimination of LGBTs, forcing its members underground and to isolation, say LGBT community members. “People think that an individual chooses to become a LGBT just to seek attention and that the LGBTs are mentally ill, abnormal and different,” said Pema Dorji, a …

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Three arrested in tourist stabbing case

Thimphu police have arrested three men in connection with the stabbing of an Indian tourist on 22 October in Thimphu. The tourist was with a group of Indian bikers outside Mojo Park, an entertainment centre, when he got stabbed at around 1 am. “As per their statement, the tourists claimed …

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93 HIV deaths since 1993

Since the first case of HIV was detected in the country in 1993, a total of 93 people have died of AIDS according to health officials. Today, there are 373 reported cases of Bhutanese living with HIV of which 90 percent were infected through heterosexual sex. According to official data …

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