BoB slashes loan interest rates with MLR reform

For months the government and the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) has been promising a more fair and realistic loan interest rate. The RMA worked on a Minimum Lending Rate policy (MLR) which was a much more scientific and flexible improvement over the rigid and exaggerated old base rate system below …

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Participating to encourage youth


One of the three contestants for the Gup’s post in Chapcha gewog, Chukha, is Jamtsho, 34, who believes that he represents youth in the upcoming second local government election. “Youth today think that being unemployed is better than taking part in LG election because they have a wrong notion of …

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Low voter turnout during Nangkor Gewog’s Chiwog Zomdus


The Chiwog Zomdu in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang, where primary round elections are held to nominate candidates for the local government elections were successfully completed yesterday but the voter turnout was low. The Nangkor gewog Chiwog Zomdu started on 21st August from Dakhpel-Kekhar Chiwog, then moved to Nyakha Chiwog, then to …

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Government responds to the Opposition on Thromde elections

The government took the chance to respond to the press release made by the Opposition party welcoming the decision of the Supreme Court on Thromde and Yenlag Thromde elections, during the 26th Meet-the-Press session. The release states that the rush to establish twenty Dzongkhag Thromdes and twenty Yenlag Throms, at …

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Three nabbed for gang rape

A mobile phone picture helped Thimphu police arrest the three men who raped a 31 year old woman near the Centenary Farmers Market (CMF) in Thimphu. The men aged 34,37 and 38 were arrested the same day the crime was committed. A person waiting in a car near the farmer’s …

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HM The Gyeltsuen’s project benefits Tshimakha chiwog

The people of Tshimakha chiwog in Bjachho gewog, Chukha, have used Her Majesty The Gyeltsuen’s project funds for electric fencing and to buy manure and high quality potato seeds. The chiwog received Nu 1,854,650 in January this year, which amounts to more than Nu 68,000 for each of 27 households. …

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Mistakes in textbook is due to incompetency: REC

The Chairperson of the National Council (NC) recently posted online the mistakes he found in the Class V Social Studies textbook.  Dasho (Dr) Sonam Kinga pointed out mistakes, such as errors in spellings, facts and grammar in the textbook. “This is unacceptable! We cannot teach children using textbooks containing such …

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Thimphu’s waste collection fully outsourced

Waste collection in Thimphu, Bhutan’s largest urban sprawl, is now fully outsourced to private operators with Clean City Services handling the capital’s north zone. ThimphuThromde outsourced the north zone, comprising the Taba areas, to Clean City for Nu 435, 290 a month. Collection in the city’s east and south zones …

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