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Rural urban migration more than just about facilities

Rural urban migration is becoming common within the country whereby rural areas are left almost empty while urban areas become congested with an increasing population. A Rural Urban migration survey report shows lack of education facilities coming to 46 percent was the most commonly stated reason for leaving the rural …

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Lhawang Dorji wins fifth consecutive term as Kana Gup


Kana gewog reelected Lhawang Dorji, 46, giving the veteran local leader his fifth consecutive term as gup and making him perhaps the longest serving local leader in recent times. Standing from Khagochen chiwog he secured 994 votes of the 1450 cast on September 27, poll day, to beat contender Chador, …

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Second Local government saw 16 disputes

The Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Bodies and Central Election Dispute Body saw 16 disputes related to the final round of the second local government election. Of the 16, seven were on corruption charges, five complaints were related to the Chiwog Zomdu, four on eligibility of candidates and four on violation …

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Potato crop loss

Farmers of Shemagangkha Chiwog in Chapcha, Chukha, lost close to two third of their potato crop, their main source of income, to heavy rains. “The chiwog sells about 1200 metric tonnes (MT) of potato in a year but this year it came down to 800 MT,” said Rinzin Dorji, former …

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Himalayan black bear caught in an apple orchard trap


Forest officials and Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section under the Wildlife Conservation Division  have rescued a Himalayan bear found trapped in a snare set near an apple orchard in Wang Simo under Thimphu Dzonghag. The animal which was believed to have attempted to enter into the apple orchard was …

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Radhi favors new candidates

Radhi gewog in Trashigang dzongkhag chose new faces over incumbent ones in the recent chiwog zomdu to nominate candidates to contest for Gup. Former Gup Jigme Namgyal secured fewer votes than the other two aspiring gup candidates in the Chiwog Zomdu. Former Gup Jigme Namgyal contested against Pema Tenzin, a …

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Two couples in two knifing cases in Thimphu

Thimphu police are investigating two knifing cases involving two different couples, which occurred on August 27 and 28. In the first case the wife was arrested after she knifed her husband while in the second case the husband was arrested after knifing his wife several times. On the evening of …

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