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Maggi: First test shows safe but govt cautious


The Maggi noodle samples that were sent for lead and monosodium glutamate content testing from Bhutan to India and Thailand have been found safe and acceptable. This was revealed by the Agriculture and Forests Minister during the 17th Meet-the-Press on July 3. On June 5, Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory …

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BOiC on track to fulfilling objectives: MoEA Minister

During the question-hour session of the National Assembly on May 26, Economic Affairs Minister, Norbu Wangchuk, said the Business Opportunity and Information Centre (BOiC), within its nine months of operation, has been beneficial to the people and the economy. He said the BOiC goal is to establish cottage and small …

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Keeping a tab on government pledges


The government was questioned on the fulfillment of its pledges, especially the pledge on providing service utility vans and power tillers to each sub-block (chiwog) in the dzongkhags, in the National Assembly session on May 21. The Opposition Party also questioned the government pledge on the blacktopping the gewog centre …

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DCT says any plan to start slaughter house is a slap on GNH

The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa in a press release opposed any plans to establish a slaughterhouse in Bhutan. DCT economic self-reliance is an important national objective and that as a developing nation, Bhutan must strive harder to promote equitable and sustainable socioeconomic development, through people centric policies and programs. The party …

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Dzongkhag Thromdes in motion

As decided by the Parliament in the 4th session, 16 dzongkhag thromdes and 20 yenlag thromdes will be established on time for the local government elections which is planned in 2016. Minister for Ministry of Work and Human Settlement (MoWHS), Dorji Choden, confirmed this on Thursday. The minister said, “Regarding …

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Buddhism does not preach meat-bans

A meat ban would be non-Buddhist and destroy Bhutanese people. Vegetarianism is the teaching of Devdatta, not Lord Buddha who had compassion for humans as well and ensured their full nutrition by teaching Maghata. In Buddhism ignorance is violence. Buddhism is about The Middle Way, ensuring internal and external balance …

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Rhododendron festival in tribute to the Fourth King

The 3-day Rhododendron Festival at the Royal Botanical Park at Lamperi, in tribute to His Majesty the Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, will start on April 18. The festival is keeping in mind that the Fourth Druk Gyalpo is the foremost nature conservationist, and under His Majesty’s vision, Bhutan has …

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Dabbling in contemporary art

Around 28 students from Zorig Chusum, Kabesa Painting School and the youth volunteers Volunteer Artists’ Studio (VAST) attended an 11-day workshop in contemporary art in Thimphu, with an American resource person, Benigna Chilla. The workshop was organized by the Public Communication Division, Department of Information and Media (DoIM), Ministry of …

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The need for rotavirus vaccine

One third of the causes of diarrhea in children aged under five years in Thimphu is due to the prevalence of rotavirus, and yet the rotavirus vaccine is not available in the country. Rotavirus infects the children below five years of age and it is the leading cause of the …

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