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Rainfall predicted to return to normal levels

The Department of Hyro-Met Services (DHMS) reported that the rainfall levels could fall back to normal monsoon levels within the next few days. The heavy incessant rains have been due to a sustained low pressure zone in the southern Himalayan foothills. In its report to the Prime Minister on Friday, …

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Opposition takes off the gloves

As the government finishes its third year and as 2018 looms closer, the Opposition party has shifted itself to a higher gear in both criticizing the government and pointing to shortfalls, including election pledges made in 2013. In the most detailed and arguably the longest press conference till date the …

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MoF working on system to catch tax avoiders

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) is currently in the process of studying a Revenue or Tax Intelligence System, that once set up will monitor tax evasions and investigate tax frauds. The Department of Revenue and Customs (DRC) under MoF has submitted a proposal to the MoF which is looking at …

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Know your new secretaries


On 14th July, His Majesty The King appointed 7 government secretaries as per Article 2.19 of the Constitution, “On the recommendation of the Prime Minister, who shall obtain nominations from the Royal Civil Service Commission on the basis of merit and seniority and in accordance with other relevant rules and regulations.” …

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Hiding poor construction under natural disasters

Whenever some natural disaster or even heavy weather hits Bhutan, there are almost always reports of damages to public infrastructure whereby the damage is ascribed almost entirely to the disaster. However, the Royal Audit Authority in its performance audit on Disaster Management from 2010-2015 says more often it has to …

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His Majesty’s Address in Parliament

I am pleased to be here today to address the closing ceremony of the 7th Session of the Second Parliament. As we carry out the immensely important duties related to nation building, the members of the National Assembly and the National Council, who together constitute the 72 Members of Parliament …

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