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Jo Stiglitz and UN-DESA say USD reserve management and government deposits in banks exacerbated rupee crisis

The Nobel laureate said that Bhutan’s USD reserves is too high with low yields creating more debt through rupee borrowings and that government deposits in financial institutions fuels credit growth Noble laureate Professor Joseph Stiglitz pointed out weaknesses in Bhutan’s monetary (banking and financial regulation) and fiscal (government expenditure and …

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Former Health Secretary, in talks with DPT & DMT

The elections are almost a reckoning-day away and up-and-coming parties are on the hunt for potential candidates, in a dearth of candidates’ pool. Those with the right laurels are unavoidably hounded with big promises. This piece of innuendo has been flashed on the political grapevine: The former Health Secretary, Dasho …

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An Airport in Phuentsholing

Imagine the six hours arduous drive from Paro to Phuentsholing coming down to a few minutes of smooth flying. Imagine also the five hour journey from Siliguri to Phuntsholing cut-down to a few minutes. This is what the Phuentsholing Thromde envisions for a better Phuentsholing. The airport site has been …

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