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Drug offenders on the rise

As per the statistics from Bhutan Narcotic Control Authority (BNCA), police arrested 960 individuals as of June this year, 2018 for drug related offences. The total number of arrest includes both who were forwarded to BNCA for treatment and those who are convicted for illegal transaction or possession of controlled …

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No water in PM’s residence

At the second Friday meet, the Prime Minister, in response to a question on the government’s pledge on drinking and irrigation water -turned to his right and asked the Agriculture Minister, “Did you brush your teeth and wash your face this morning,” and after getting an affirmative reply he asked …

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Committee of Secretaries given a second lease

Albeit with a new ToR and better communication to prevent a repeat of the last CoS In a major decision the government has decided to reconstitute the formerly disbanded Committee of Secretaries (CoS) which is to be led by the Cabinet Secretary Kesang Wangdi. Lyonchhen (Dr) Lotay Tshering announced this …

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