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MoF working on maternity leave for SOEs

The Finance Minister Lyonpo Namgay Dorji said that the Ministry of Finance is currently studying the issue of maternity leave for State Owned Enterprises (SOE). “The SOE’s are independent with their own service rules and we cannot directly order them but we can indirectly influence them.” Lyonpo said that once …

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PM says cabinet reshuffle is in the national interest

The Prime Minister said that the recent cabinet reshuffle is in the larger national interest. The reshuffle saw the announcement of the resignation of the Education Minister, transfer of the Minister for Economic Affairs to the Ministry of Education and announcement of a new minister in the form of Bardo-Trong …

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Viral HFMD outbreak affects the young in Thimphu

A very contagious viral infection is on the loose and has been affecting young children in Thimphu. According to health officials the cases have been reported only in Thimphu so far. This has led to major concerns among the parents and the Early Childcare and Development Centers (ECCD) in Thimphu. …

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