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A closer look at the new Constitutional post holders


His Majesty the King granted Dhar to appoint heads and Commissioners of the Anti Corruption Commission, Election Commission of Bhutan and the Royal Audit Authority yesterday. The new ACC Chairperson is the former RCSC Commissioner Kinley Yangzom. She served as a RCSC commissioner from 2009 to 2014. She joined the …

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Addressing Bhutan’s gas problem

During the 18th meet the press session, the Economic Affairs Minister Norbu Wangchuk said that with the introduction of token system, people would no longer have to wait in long queues for their turn to exchange gas in the outlet. There has been strong outrage in the past few weeks …

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Govt likely to remove book tax if law permits: PM 

The National Reading Year initiative received a rude jolt when book stores in Thimphu and across Bhutan started getting charged with an additional 20 percent customs tax in addition to the five percent sales tax they were already paying for importing books from India. In response 11 bookstores in Thimphu …

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