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No GST discounts until RGoB agrees

Bhutanese businesses and consumers expecting a dramatic drop in the price of GST item goods like cars, electronic and machinery items and most consumer goods from India will not see it happen until Bhutan gives the go ahead to the Indian government. There is an official understanding between the two …

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No vehicle taxes in the offing


With the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) reducing the loan limited from 50 to 30 percent to control the imports of vehicles and suggesting the government to come up with fiscal measures, the popular over night perception was that vehicles taxes are on the way. However, the Prime Minister Lyonchhen Dasho …

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Punatsangchu II overflows coffer dam

Water overflowing above the coffer dam in P II

The heavy monsoon downpour lead to the Punatsangchu river overflowing the coffer dam into the dam site work, that was underway on the other side. The P II coffer dam diverts the river away from the dam site on the other side to a single diversion tunnel. What has raised …

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