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Evolution and stagnation of the Bhutanese media

One of the chapters in Gyambo Sithey’s latest book, “Democracy in Bhutan- the First Five Years,” provides an analysis of the transition of media in Bhutan over the past years. It includes how the media scenario in the country progressed, the impact it had on democratic Bhutan, how the private …

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His Majesty talks to graduates

“It’s no longer a question of whether we can do it or whether we can’t. It’s a question of whether we get up and do it. It’s a question of whether we care enough about our future. ” His Majesty the King, while expressing his concerns for the nation also …

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An Audit on the first five years

Chapters in the book include an independent enquiry of the pledges claimed to have been fulfilled by the DPT administration, transformation of the media, details of the first constitutional case, the ‘bittersweet’ relation between the two houses of Parliament, CDG and the economy, among other analysis of institutions, events and …

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