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His Majesty and Gyaltsuen in Gelephu and Dagana

On November 26, His Majesty the King granted separate audiences to recruits at the Royal Bhutan Police Training Center at Jigmeling, Gelephu and the staff of the Renewable Natural Resource Research and Development Center in Samteling, Gelephu. His Majesty said to the recruits that the police have the great responsibility …

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ACC suspension order quashed by High Court

The High Court yesterday upheld its decision to sustain its interim stay order issued against the Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) suspension order for the Home Minister and the Speaker. ACC’s suspension order for the minister and speaker for the alleged offence committed prior to the current posts has been found to …

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ACC and OAG battle it out in the High Court

ACC questioned the very legal basis of OAG to appeal against the suspension and said the suspension was legal while the OAG said it was illegal Traditionally, on the same team with the ACC investigating cases and the OAG prosecuting them, the two government organizations went head to head in …

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