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ACC and OAG battle it out in the High Court

ACC questioned the very legal basis of OAG to appeal against the suspension and said the suspension was legal while the OAG said it was illegal Traditionally, on the same team with the ACC investigating cases and the OAG prosecuting them, the two government organizations went head to head in …

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ACC defends its suspension order

ACC to state its position in court today The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) defended its suspension order for the Home Minister Lyonpo Minjur Dorji and Tshogpon Jigme Tshultim saying that since it is an administrative procedure and not a disciplinary action there was no requirement to inform the head of …

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ACC files Gyelpozhing land case in Mongar Court

ACC does not agree with the OAG’s findings and is not pleased with the OAG’s handling of the investigation report The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) on November 13th, 2012 registered the Gyelpozhing land case for prosecution with the Mongar Dzongkhag court. This comes after two months since September 19th, 2012 …

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