On Hikes and Taxes

Congratulation PDP for your successful pay hike! Imposing higher taxes on the common people and hiking your salary. It’s very funny and sad to notice in the Nation Assembly that even those MPs who never stood and spoke a single word till date were also standing and supporting their pay …

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Housing Crisis in Phuentsholing

Dear Sir, Bhutanese citizens staying in Jaigaon have been facing many well documented problems all stemming from the fact that they cannot get adequate housing in Phuentsholing due to the non-availability of apartments and also the high rents. While the people here were hoping that as the demand was so …

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Response to “BICMA Cuts Off Excess TV Channels”

Policy makers in the government, representatives in the parliament and religious handlers are imposing bans, restrictions and nonsense rules and regulations not based on scientific logic, or for that matter on common sense on people. People pay taxes to pay their salaries and in return expect them to create an …

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