The Baby Steps to a Potential Global Revolution

Chief of School Health and Nutrition Division, Ministry of Education, AumJamyangChoeden with David at Dochu-La Pass, on their way to visit the beneficiary schools in Punakha and Tsirang

David Langworthy, CEO and Founder of Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) calls himself a mad man. And he is proud to be one – he believes that only mad men dare tread on paths others would not. To understand more about Disaster Aid Australia, please visit the website www.disasteraidinternational.com. I hadn’t quite realized what we were …

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Bhutan should push savings to fund future investment

Did you know gross investment as a percentage of GDP was the highest in Bhutan, in a sample of 40 prominent developing countries. This includes rapid industrializing countries like China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Ethiopia, etc. Part of this is explained by the high share of imports in Bhutan. It is …

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Free Speech in the Filter Age

OXFORD – Germany’s Network Enforcement Act – according to which social-media platforms like Facebook and YouTube could be fined €50 million ($63 million) for every “obviously illegal” post within 24 hours of receiving a notification – has been controversial from the start. After it entered fully into effect in January, there was …

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The Point of Sharp Power


WASHINGTON, DC – In recent years, Russia and China have poured considerable resources into arenas typically associated with “soft power,” a term coined by the American political scientist Joseph S. Nye and understood as the “ability to affect others by attraction and persuasion.” Either directly or through compliant surrogates, these two countries …

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China’s Great City Rivalries

SHANGHAI – China’s traditional industries are suffering. In the last five years, the country’s northeastern region – once a hub of basic industries like oil and steel – has been facing accelerating decline, as have the rich mineral resource centers in places like Hebei and Inner Mongolia. Over the last …

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A snapshot of ‘youth unemployment’

An incident that occurred in the premises of The Bhutanese newspaper helped give us some insight into one aspect of ‘youth unemployment’ in the country The Bhutanese recently floated a vacancy for a Finance/Accounts officer for The Bhutanese Newspaper. The company was willing to offer Nu 12,500 per month as …

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Why Is Japan Populist-Free?

TOKYO – Even as a wave of right-wing populism is sweeping Europe, the United States, India, and parts of Southeast Asia, Japan has so far appeared to be immune. There are no Japanese demagogues, like Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, or Rodrigo Duterte, who have exploited …

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