Human Capacity Trumps Hydro Power … Everytime! Part 4


Productivity and Growth The intent here is not to put the onus squarely on hydropower. Hydro fan-boys must be champing at the bits to write their own sharp rejoinders to this paper. But if it all sounds dismal, the bigger picture isn’t any better. Bhutanese productivity across all sectors isn’t …

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Birth Place of Khandro Sonam Palden


Across the river at Wang Sinmo, the sight of the ancient house in Danglo is so prominent that one can’t help stealing several glances from the highway at it. The house, blackened with age was the home of Khandro Sonam Palden, consort of Phajo Drugom Zhigpo who lived from 1184 …

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Human Capacity Trumps Hydro Power … Everytime! – Part 3

A longish discussion on a well-known key to Bhutan’s shorted economy Making Sense of it All So, why is all this important? How does this essay’s pre versus post hydroplant commissioning theory tie in to observable trend in the real sector? Why a long-winded soliloquy on a relatively simple sector …

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Human Capacity Trumps Hydro Power … Everytime!-Part 2  

Pre and Post-Commissioning Gains Indeed, people are mostly correct (mostly being the operative word) in assuming that hydropower means economic growth for Bhutan. But, where many believe that it is earnings from power sales that drive the growth surges, the real value addition takes place much earlier on. This theory …

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Human Capacity Trumps Hydro Power … Everytime!-Part I


A longish discussion on a well-known key to Bhutan’s shorted economy This paper is an offhand review of Bhutan’s economy in recent years, with a few weak attempts at humor and anecdotes to keep it interesting. The descriptives are kept at a minimum and at no point is quantitative analysis …

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Museum on the Highway


If you are travelling to Thimphu and have half an hour to spare would you like to time travel three centuries back into Bhutanese history at Wangsisina? It’s not known when the house was exactly built but in 1788 the 19th Druk Desi lived in that house, which is evident that …

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A good Tendrel in a Golden Age

The Chipta of Genyen Jagpa Milan a white horse from the time of Ling Gesar was at the Changlimithang attending the Chipdrel ceremony on 11th of November 2015, for nationwide celebrations of the sixtieth birth Anniversary of His Majesty The Fourth King. His Majesty The King announced to the nation …

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The Fifth of February is Now More Than Just a Date

On 6th February, when the grand announcement of the birth of Gyalsey warmed the cold mountain air my mother called me to tell me that I had forgotten to wish my little sister on her birthday yet again. It wasn’t the first time I forgot her birthday and it always broke …

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Ensuring Rupee-Ngultrum parity

The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) in tandem with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has been carrying out some much required reforms in reducing Rupee scarcity and, more importantly, restoring the Rupee-Ngultrum parity. An important first step was opening rupee counters in Thimphu and Phuentsholing in January 2016 to address the …

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