His Majesty’s Address at the RUB Convocation


Your parents, relatives, and friends would be very proud of what you have achieved. At your age, to have completed your studies is your personal accomplishment. Your knowledge and capabilities are a great asset for the nation. I congratulate you for your achievements. I am very happy to be among …

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When FIVE is more than FIVE HUNDRED


Bhutanese parents complain that our children are exposed to so much foreign content and that they might soon forget our own roots. Some parents also feel that their children respond well and better to stories that have Bhutanese characters and places in them. That’s why the need for more and …

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Our Growing Opportunity


Last week, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest ordered the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) to ‘temporarily’ suspend the import of beans and cauliflowers. Laboratory tests had confirmed that these vegetables contain pesticide beyond the permitted ‘limit’. This is heartening for many Bhutanese farmers. This is truly our …

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No School on Saturday

One regret I have from my childhood is not having spent enough time with my parents. I thought I would get all the time in the world to be with them once I finish my school. I didn’t see this coming. After school came college and then came my job …

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The Pain of Growing Up in Thimphu

I look back at my childhood with blissful happiness filling my heart and if I could, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and live there again. Cornfields and a small orchard of different tropical fruits surrounded our house. During summer, the air was filled with sweet natural smells from fruits …

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Re-thinking college education in Bhutan

Concerning the establishment of three new colleges in Bhutan, I am not convinced of the efficacy of having three additional colleges. Every economy without doubt faces the problems of scarcity and choice. As a corollary, the decision to allocate our limited resources becomes important. While different economies allocate resources in …

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A visit to Chari with His Majesty the King

April 10th 2016, Sunday will go down as one of the most memorable days of my life. His Majesty the King was offering six chests made out of sandal wood to be taken up to Chari Monastery. Fringed with gold-plated metal carving of traditional design, the 6 dark reddish chests …

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Toilet Experiment During Paro Tshechu

Tshechu being the oldest and the most popular festival in Bhutan brings thousands of people together. It happens in every Dzongkhag from three to fives days every year. That gives Bhutan Toilet Org the perfect setting for our Toilet Experiment. Actually it’s more than an experiment, it’s a campaign to …

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The Moment with His Majesty the King

It was the last day of Paro Tshechu and my team was celebrating our four days of success, having delivered our mission of providing clean toilets to thousands of people and literally putting an end to open defecation in the place of worship. We were paid a surprise visit by …

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