Worried for the Media

As a citizen of a young democracy I am very concerned to hear that most private media houses are contemplating to close down soon. Initially given Bhutan’s underdeveloped stage in from the 1960’s to 1990’s our government needed the media to perform basic developmental activities like informing the public of …

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The Rupee Crisis Macroeconomic causes and cures (Part 2 of 5)


Depending on the marginal propensity to import, Nu 2.9 may finally result in substantial INR equivalent requirement as a creditor converts her Nu holding into INR for import purposes. For example, if marginal propensity to import is 0.63, as my rough estimation show, an increase in gross national disposable income …

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Let the former prime Minister resign in peace

Off late most media houses have been speculating on the resignation of the former Prime Minister ex-Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley who is also the DPT President. The media speculation has come about because of the Speaker’s office raising various legal and other doubts ranging from interpretation of the National Assembly …

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The great domestic electricity tariff debate

Note : Taxes paid by some companies for 2012 were not available, and
therefore, the tax figure has not been shown.

This is with regard to the article titled “DHI does not expect electricity tariffs to increase beyond 15%” which was published on the 27 July 2013 issue of The Bhutanese sent in by DHI. The article is very misleading and it has created more misunderstanding within the minds of the …

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The Real Power Picture

This is with reference to the letter from Mr. S Dorji, Changangkha titled ‘Tariff Hike to Hit Ordinary Consumers Hard’ regarding power tariffs wherein he states that, “The stand taken by the owner of BPC on this issue, the Druk Holding and Investments (DHI), has also been extremely disappointing.” Though …

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The enigmatic Bhutanese voter

An everyday Bhutanese is for the most part simple, and does not require codified language or tact to be demystified or clearly understood. That’s generally speaking, about a person’s daily routines, his or her likings and to a certain extent whether the person is a true Manchester fan or a …

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A macho upper house, not entirely a good deal

The outcomes of the recently concluded National Council (NC) elections have been a fairly sound and comforting bases for the second round ‘successfully-conducted’ by the Election Commission (ECB). It has in the process ensured general thoroughfare for the young Bhutanese Democracy, in terms of its growth and health. Still, and …

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Dangerous Expressway

For any discerning user of the Expressway these days in Thimphu one is usually greeted by the sight of school children practicing marathon along the road. What is more dangerous is that most of the practice happens in the evenings when the lighting is not good and it is not …

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