The MoEA Minister’s view of the Economy

Let me share some of my thoughts as the economic affairs minister of the Government. Our rivers are our most important resource. Since 1974 when we first signed the Memorandum of Understanding on hydropower cooperation with Government of India, we have harnessed 1606 MW of Hydropower. We are presently constructing …

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A few driving tips that might save lives

Being a driver comes with great responsibility. The one who is behind the wheel is responsible for the safety of so many people including the passengers in the car and pedestrians on the road. It is for this reason that driving is not something that should be taken lightly. It …

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A Vibrant Village

What is a vibrant village? What does it take to create one? Can a village vibrancy prevent and curb rural-urban migration? A village is vibrant when it has happy and content people. A village is vibrant where content people help each other. A vibrant village is where everyone is involved …

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Stranded in Samdrupjongkhar

The tall notice (order) came. And the gate of Samdrupjongkhar was closed, sturdily. Not a single Bhutanese vehicle was allowed to go outside the gate. Not a single Bhutanese soul was allowed to walk out. The notice stated the highway of Assam would be affected, as there would be a …

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We killed our Golden Goose

One of our most significant events this year is that of Bhutan’s exporting of eggs to India. A few years ago, we were importing them – in truckloads. This goes to show that we have the potential to grow and progress as a country, provided we put in a little …

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Winter Vacation: Explore Bhutan

Vacation is always a favorite time for students after long period of study. Students wait the entire year for winter vacation with a hope to explore something new and spend time with families and friends. For parents in the rural areas, it’s an additional helping hand for household works and …

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That in Other Words


Rural-urban migration is a good indicator of many things gone wrong. People just do not leave their ancestral homes without solid reasons. In Bhutan there is an old proverb, which goes rang yue zampai woglu inru ga – ‘one would love his/her village even if it is located under a bridge’. And that …

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Stories From The King

Inspiring people: His Majesty in Thanza, Lunana, with Tenzin Wangdi who operates and manages the Flood Warning Station there.

It was an extraordinary moment in the life of a nation. The benevolent Fourth King, who had reigned over Bhutan for 34 years of unparalleled progress and peace, had just ushered in democracy and a new King was being crowned. As the Coronation was broadcast live on TV on November …

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Can we build energy-efficient houses?


Before we know it, it is winter again! Almost! And like all winters this winter will be unforgivingly cold. Of course, some people think winter cold is far less severe than the extreme summer heat the likes of which you experience in Phuentsholing or Gelephu. The reason they give is …

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Vegetable vendors and sustainability of agriculture


Agriculture is important for the socio-economic development of the country. More than 65% of the population is engaged in the sector and it contributes more than 20% of the country’s GDP. Sustainable development of agriculture is the key to food security and alleviation of poverty in Bhutan. Today, the sector …

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