A Fluttering solution to our prayer-flag dilemma


Back in the days when trees were aplenty and permission to cut them down was not required (this was at least so in rural Bhutan), people would normally erect 108 prayer flags in the name of a dead person. Erecting prayer flags is believed to deliver the dead person’s soul from …

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Getting it right

A bevy of mainly Indian news outlets in recent days have published news or mentioned the visit of the Chinese Ambassador to Delhi’s wife, Dr. Jiang Yili to Bhutan. However, all of them have got the dates and the context horribly wrong. These media outlets have shown the visit being …

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The art and story of making special tea


It was an early May morning. Along with my two colleagues, I was at Bengali Market in New Delhi. There was a rustle on the street, as this small town was just beginning to resume its regular activities. Cleaners were brooming the streets, vendors were packaging goods and loading on …

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Bhutan is neither a ‘vassal’ nor a ‘protectorate

This is just a correction of certain terms being used by Chinese and Indian media outlets to describe Bhutan. Recently a Global Times article mentioned Bhutan as a long time ‘vassal state’ of imperial China until the British influence in Bhutan from 1911 onwards. Forget about a Bhutanese leader, there …

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The pain of having to say goodbye


Life is really a trail that runs zigzag across the wilderness of time. It often crosses into the lives of people who become special in our hearts. But no matter how much we try to hold on to the special moments we create and cherish together, we have to drop …

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The value of silence

There are good reasons why the Royal Government of Bhutan has issued a demarche and a statement from the Foreign Ministry and then kept quiet on the Doklam issue. There are good reasons why all our political parties, that usually pounce on every issue, are as quiet as door mice, …

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Learning to burn and shine like the Japanese


In schools, what had singled out our Indian friends from us was their tireless pursuit of being studious. It was obvious, that they topped every exam and did not spared even a tiny test. So from early on, noticing in my Indian friends this industrious trait, I grew up with …

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