Allow voters to vote with CID cards


A resounding success. Everyone agrees. Congratulations to the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) and all the hard working people behind the Second Local Government Election. Being able to select local leaders in 205 gewogs and some 1200 plus chiwogs is no small feat and yet ECB had done it with …

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Problems with Thimphu Waste Collection System

We truly commend Thimphu Thromde Team and the Private Waste Collection Companies for the efforts and their initiatives. As far as we understand, Thimphu is one of the few Asian cities where Waste Segregation at Source is implemented. For that matter, even some European and American cities do not have …

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Beware of Internet Hoaxes

Over the past few years, the internet has been flooded with various hoaxes that can be easily construed as true by gullible readers. In the modern era of information overload, it is increasingly becoming difficult for us to sort out  fake information from the hoaxes. Most of the internet hoaxes …

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Impact of Mass Tourism on Host Destinations

The rapid growth of tourism has increased economic, environmental and social effects. Recently the attention has concentrated on the economic impacts and not on the environmental and social consequences of tourism. Tourism, both international and domestic, brings consequences and has an impact on tourist destinations. Economic Impact One of the …

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Answering a Social Troll – What You Need to Know

Before dancing hamsters, pot-stirring Internet trolls were sowing discord and starting flame wars on early message boards. More recently, the rise of social media has given them one more platform on which to troll the Internet masses. If you think you are being trolled, check out these tips for spotting and …

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How to avoid defamation

New Zealand barrister Steven Price has a 12-point checklist that’s especially useful for the unwary Defamation lawsuits, when they occur, are usually expensive, technical, drawn-out, stressful affairs. You are better off avoiding them if you can. So it makes sense to minimise the risks. You can do that by writing …

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Learn from Chuzagang


Every year, when the monsoon hits, Chuzagang is cut off from rest of the world. The rains, outrageous in nature and size, always soak and wash away temporary bridges that the villagers build over the infamous Mao River. Subsequent floods destroy the lone feeder road that connects the village with …

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A Prince is born, but a King is made


Did you know that the future of Bhutan is always better than that of the past? Did you also know that it is because each successive King is always better than His father? And, most importantly, did you know that it is because each successive King made His son always …

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Thriving Middlemen


Just like any other Bhutanese, I too feel helpless at this time of national crisis. Bhutan is battling with the forces of nature. And in the last few days, it is been hectic. I join the Bhutanese people in thanking our His Majesty for personally leading and monitoring the rescue …

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