Modi’s Audacious Gamble on Black Money

A scheme to capture large rupee notes raises questions about New Delhi’s economic literacy. Even for a risk-taker, Narendra Modi’s abrupt announcement last week that his government was voiding India’s two highest value currency bills is an audacious gamble. Between them, the demonetized 1,000 rupee ($14.80) and 500 rupee ($7.40) bills …

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Trump’s election and the Paris Agreement fall out on Bhutan

One of the very real consequences of a President Donald Trump will soon be felt in the upcoming winter session of our Parliament when the government introduces ‘The Paris Agreement’ on climate change for ratification. The Paris Agreement is a global climate agreement to restrict increase in global temperature well …

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We need Potholes Org

This is in continuation of my earlier article last week where I mention that with the onset of winter the potholes on some sections of our roads “are finally giving us true pictures of how deep they are as the water in them dry up.” Like the dust in the air, …

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Millennials and Youths as vessels for Buddhism in Bhutan?

Bhutan as a state has undergone dramatic changes in less than a decade. We have transited to democratic constitutional monarchy in a most peaceful manner under the glorious reign of His Majesty The Fourth King and His Majesty The King. Generally, it is quite difficult to remain optimistic in the …

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What’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”?


It’s been a long and unforgivingly wet summer! Now, our wet roads are drying up. Our swollen rivers are subsiding. Our muddy footpaths are solidifying. Potholes are finally giving us true pictures of how deep they are as the water in them dry up. And our biggest fear now is …

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Thailand in grief

A few days ago, I was in Thailand, a land fondly known to its people as “The Land of Smiles”. But quite surprisingly, this country of smile and joy was undergoing the feeling of great loss, pain and collective numbness. For their “Great Father”, their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed …

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How to make time for reading


Four summers ago, I made a pledge to read 55 books by Fall 2016. I love books and I cannot deny it. Not only did I beat the challenge but completed 67 books.  This is the only achievement I am proud of! Just like everyone else, I had a busy work …

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Allow voters to vote with CID cards


A resounding success. Everyone agrees. Congratulations to the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) and all the hard working people behind the Second Local Government Election. Being able to select local leaders in 205 gewogs and some 1200 plus chiwogs is no small feat and yet ECB had done it with …

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Problems with Thimphu Waste Collection System

We truly commend Thimphu Thromde Team and the Private Waste Collection Companies for the efforts and their initiatives. As far as we understand, Thimphu is one of the few Asian cities where Waste Segregation at Source is implemented. For that matter, even some European and American cities do not have …

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Beware of Internet Hoaxes

Over the past few years, the internet has been flooded with various hoaxes that can be easily construed as true by gullible readers. In the modern era of information overload, it is increasingly becoming difficult for us to sort out  fake information from the hoaxes. Most of the internet hoaxes …

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