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His Majesty’s 109th National Day Address

Each year, we come together to celebrate  the 17th of December as our National Day– an occasion of great significance and importance. The commemoration of this day serves to remind us of the profound sacrifices of our forefathers, who worked tirelessly for the wellbeing of our country and people; it …

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Challenges to zero tolerance to waste in Thimphu Thromde

Although the Thimphu Thromde initiated the zero tolerance to waste in 2012, backed up by a waste regulation, effective implementation has been fraught with challenges because of continuous construction activity in the city, low awareness among residents and absence of proper facilities. Despite the challenges, the Thromde has engaged field …

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Royal Academy: A center of educational excellence

The Royal Academy is a visionary initiative of His Majesty the King where full support is provided to meritorious students from economically disadvantaged family backgrounds. The schools was established on 21st of February 2016, coinciding with the birth anniversary of His Majesty the King and commemorating the 60th birth anniversary …

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DHI: A Corporate game changer


One of the most important reforms carried out by His Majesty The King was the formation of the Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) in 2007 under a Royal Charter. At the time of its formation DHI had total assets of around Nu 51 bn but today that has more than …

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The Stories of a Friend King


Stories abound around the country and, thanks to social media, around the world about the humbling deeds proffered by a humble King.  His Majesty The  King has cooked at a community school in Mongar for children undergoing the trauma of an earthquake that left their homes in ruins, slept in …

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A King cooks dinner for school kids


On October 18, 2009, the children of Thangrong Primary School in Mongar had their best supper of their lives; it was cooked by their King. On that day His Majesty the King  visited the school where he met with the children and later cooked a six dish dinner. Pema Tenzin …

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Bhutan has clean air, Thimphu does not


Since 2004, the concentration of PM 10 has more than doubled In his TED talk earlier this year, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay famously stated that Bhutan is not only carbon neutral it is carbon negative. While it is true for the nation as a whole, urban centers like Thimphu have …

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The Realities of some Guide training institutes

Today there are 3,375 registered tour guides in the country who are trained from different guide training institutes. As of now there are nine such training institutes with courses accredited by the Department of Occupational Standards (DoS). However, there is now increasing questions on the quality of some of these …

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A disabled man stands up as a trainer

Pema Dorji, 51-year-old disabled man from Damphu, Tsirang, is a single father of six children. He owns a tailoring shop in Babesa and because of his tailoring skills; he can make an honest living. He stands as an example for the rest of the disabled people in the country Currently, …

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