eKaaSel – Online Grievance Redressal System

The government has launched an online grievance redressal system where people can express their dissatisfaction, problems and provide feedback on public services offered in the country.

Known as eKaaSel, the system has been developed to serve as a one-stop platform with the primary objective of streamlining the grievance redressal aspect of service delivery through an online channel of communication. The system will entertain any complaint and grievance expressed in regards to poor or inefficient services.

Over 135 public services are offered with 120 online services and 15 mobile services.

At the launch on December 26 in Thimphu the Prime Minister Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay said there might be instances where people would have found it inconvenient to access online services, did not getting the services in time, and did not get the desired services.

“In such situation, there is nowhere they can go to file complaints. Therefore, that is why there is this need for eKaaSel,” he said. “With this system in place, people need not come in person to file their complaints. It will be monitored by my office.”

The system will require an application to submit verification details, along with a valid mobile number to enable receipt of SMS notification upon submission of the grievance. Using the application ID, the applicant can track the status of the submission.

To assist the users in availing the facility, a comprehensive user guide is developed and available from the portal.

The application will be directed to the Cabinet Secretariat who will assess the application before forwarding it to the concerned ministry or department for further action.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay said all complaints would reach the Prime Minister’s office and that a time period would be set within which the complaint related to a ministry would be resolved. “eKaaSel will allow me to personally receive grievances, forward them to relevant agencies and ensure that they are resolved. To make sure that each and every grievance receives attention, the applicant will be notified by SMS as soon as the application arrives and after the grievance has been addressed,” he said.

The system is intended to enhance transparency and accountability in public service delivery. Currently, the system captures the ten ministries with agency users mapped to the secretaries and head of departments.

The system will be monitored by the Public Services and Grievance Redressal Division (PSGRD- former G2C office). The division will generate periodic reports on the system usage and applicability.

A press release from division stated that with the government increasingly accelerating reforms on public service delivery initiatives, the grievance redressal component has become a critical aspect, especially in context of strengthening citizen engagement in the public sphere.

It is also to encourage more citizen engagement and participation in public services division initiatives towards making public services citizen- centric and strengthen the accountability mechanism in public agencies.

It unifies all the stakeholders from the government side, starting from the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet secretariat to the heads of the individual departments offering the service, with the citizen availing the services, under a common platform.

eKaaSel can be accessed from the Citizen Portal-

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