The National Day Message

Normally almost all countries celebrate their main National events in the capital, with all the top leaders being present there.

However, in the case of Bhutan’s  107th National Day the saying in Thimphu was that ‘the capital had shifted east’ with His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen, His Majesty the Fourth King, members of the Royal Family, the Prime Minister, Ministers and more heading to Trashigang to hold the celebrations there.

The people of the Eastern Dzongkhags also responded joyously at the opportunity to see their Kings and arrived in huge numbers, including many who came with great difficulty walking for days. It was also touching to see many of the disabled coming for the event including some visually impaired ones walking for days, only to be with their Kings. In contrast National Day events in Thimphu are usually a short drive or even a short walk.

It was also significant to note that among those honoured and felicitated by His Majesty the King there were many leaders from Eastern Bhutan, both serving and retired showing the diverse nature of Bhutan’s top leadership.

The National day’s celebrations and the enthusiastic response to it shows that the country as always is united, strong and stable due to the unifying and stabilizing influence of the Monarchy.

The National Day celebrations as always show that regardless of region, race or background the people of Bhutan are one nation and one people under one King.

The people of Eastern Bhutan will also be looking forward to the land Kidu to be granted by His Majesty the King who has already done so much to lift many families in the region out of poverty.

With the East being an economically more backward area due to geographical and historical reasons, the new government has also come up with an Eastern Development Initiative and many other projects which along with the Land Kidus will change the face of Eastern Bhutan.

His Majesty the King in addition to the Je Khenpo and Zhung Dratshang also thanked the Nyingma Lams and all other religious sects for their prayers and good wishes for the nation.

Coming to the National Day address, the overriding message to the nation from His Majesty the King was to guard against corruption with increasing economic activities and guard against the bigger danger of being complacent about it. His Majesty’s phrase that ‘no one can be above the law’ should serve as a message that the high and mighty cannot get away with corruption.

His Majesty’s stress to recognize and reward those truly serving the nation is also important as it will promote and strengthen meritocracy.

His Majesty while appreciating the many planned developmental activities also stressed on the need to have adequate capacity for it.

His Majesty also talked about important themes of maintaining security, sovereignty, unity, peace and harmony, building a strong democracy and a just society.

His Majesty also paid apt and deserving tributes to His Majesty the Fourth King who has done so much to bring the Bhutan of 1972 to the much more prosperous and secure Bhutan of today.

The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.
Felix Mendelssohn

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