10 injured in Tractor mishap

Ten people including one minor sustained several injuries after the power tiller tractor they were in veered off the road in Khaling town under Trashigang dzongkhag.

The mishap happened on 13 March at around 6 pm when the group of people from Monangkhola and Chema village under Khaling gewog were returning from the annual gewog meeting on census from the Gup’s office near Khaling town.

About nine local people and one Indian laborer including one school going minor got into the tractor which was headed toward their homes.

According to one of the residents who happened to witness the incident, the Tractor while giving way to another vehicle, lost control and veered off the road.

It was later discovered that the driver was under the influence of alcohol and also did not posses valid documents to drive the power-tiller tractor. The tractor was over loaded with passengers and is known to have veered off approximately 30 meters from the road and landed on a cultivated field.

The injured passengers who were in critical condition were instantly referred to Mongar Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) and those with minor injuries were admitted in Trashigang hospital.

A source said the two passengers admitted in MRRH suffered internal injuries and severe physical injuries. This is however yet to be confirmed by the hospital.

The eight other passengers are undergoing treatment in Trashigang hospital for physical cuts and fractures and have been reported to be in stable conditions.

The power tiller tractor is owned by the gewog which received it as a grant from the Agriculture ministry for the farmers of Khaling gewog.

The Wamrong Dungkhag police have visited the site to study the cause of the accident.

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