100% youth employment challenging, but not impossible: PDP

Tshering Tobgay and Tandin Wangmo
Tshering Tobgay and Tandin Wangmo

Granting full employment for the youth will be very challenging as increasing number of job seekers flood the job market every year.

But, the south Thimphu candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Tandin Wangmo said nothing is impossible for Bhutan, given its size and composition.

This was also promised by Party President Tshering Tobgay at its youth convention at Olakha.

Tandin Wangmo said the goal of full employment for the youth is achievable because Bhutan is a small country and produces less than 2,000 university graduates every year.

“We are not talking about a huge number of young Bhutanese who are in the job market,” she said.

She added that the issue is not about the unavailability of jobs, but about the lack of political commitment to deliver full employment for the youth.

“The PDP offers this commitment and deliver full employment. Full employment for the youth will be very challenging. It cannot be achieved in a year. But we are going to make it our utmost priority,” she added.

In addition, PDP has plans and various strategies in place to provide meaningful employment to youth and initiate several schemes. Various strategies would be initiated to prepare and train the youth for employment.

One such scheme involves compensating the youth while they are waiting to get employed.

The south Thimphu party candidate said PDP will be fully committed strengthening the youth so they are not left behind.

She said PDP’s promise on student loans is for needy students who cannot otherwise pursue higher education. Today, some parents sell their ancestral properties and agricultural land to send their children to college. Sending children to college has become very challenging for many parents.

PDP’s intention in facilitating education loans for students is to encourage all children to complete their education. Tandin Wangmo said the country needs to build on its human resource, and to encourage children to complete their education. PDP aims to encourage the university graduates to go for their master’s degree, and those with master’s degree to pursue their PhD.

“We must build our human resource,” she added.

However, the PDP candidate clarified that the student loans will not be interest free loans. It will be designed to help students pursue higher education. It will have several flexibility clauses on the mode of repayment and other formalities, but it is important for students to become responsible and not take the loans as a grant from the state.

“It will be a student friendly loan,” she said.

Kinley Tshering, 25, who is currently doing an internship in a private company, said creating 100% employment will be difficult to achieve. But with full determination and hard work nothing is impossible.

“The idea and vision are good, but it’s still worrisome how far they carry out,” he added.

A Sherubtse college graduate, Kezang Wangdi feels that PDP’s 100% youth employment promises are unjustified and it cannot achieve it.

“100% youth employment promises by PDP’s president seems impossible,” said Rinchen Khandu who graduated from Darjeeling. He added there are too many B.com and BBA/BBM students and it will be very difficult to find jobs.

PDP also made Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) pledges whereby, it will bring in the much needed expertise, investment, and technology.

“We stand to benefit from all these aspects of FDI. Having said that, we definitely need to be careful on certain fronts, and we have to plan it accordingly in consultation with our people,” Tandin Wangmo said.

“In a globalised world, FDI is an opportunity and we have to capitalize from it. We have to think progressively, and FDI is a global reality. Job creation is just one aspect of FDI,” she added when we asked about FDI in Bhutan.

Another one of PDP pledges is to enhance employment opportunities for Bhutanese workers in foreign countries.

In this regard Tandin Wangmo said, PDP wants the Bhutanese to be the best in what they do and encourage Bhutanese to train and work outside, and have the global competence to compete with the best in the world.

“We can only develop if we have a good human resource and to achieve it, we have to have an open mind and value human resource. We will work to make the Bhutanese people compete with the best in the world,” she added.

Sangay Choda/ Thimphu

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  1. Earlier PDP siad that they would give 100% employment. And as of now they are saying it is challenging but not impossible which almost mean they can’t give 100% employment. And after the election and if they win they would say 100% employment is not possible. It goes dwindling. I am worried with their huge promises. I don’t think miracle can happen.

    • Actually 100% employment is possible…if youth are willing to take up the available jobs. Unfortunately, all our youth want high paying white collar jobs where you don’t have to start from the bottom and you don’t need to do much work.
      This is a fact and everyone knows it, but the politicians want votes so they will simply promise employment to all without looking at why there is unemployment in the first place.

  2. Promises of PDP declining day by day

  3. nobody can guarantee 100% employment unless they threaten all those who are unemployed to deny that they’re looking for work.

  4. Right from the beginning, 100% employment was only possible in the land of fairy tales. Their policies are best suited for countries in fairy tales only.

  5. PDP has been constantly changing their pledges. In the beginning, they promised voleros, now they say it is a Service Utility Vehicle which could mean any car. At first, they pledged an excavator for each geog, now this is least talked about. I think the party is now realising that their pledges were too much.

  6. This Tandin Wangmo is she so stupid to think that she can deliver 100% employment??
    Be realistic woman. Just shows most of these PDP candidates including recent convert dorjee choden just want to get into parliament so they can enjoy the perks.

  7. Palden Drukpa

    It is good if PDP can say that  they will try for 100 percent employment but not the one they will give 100 percent employment. They should think about 2018 election.

  8. Dear Readers,
    Full employment in Bhutan can be achieved only with the collaboration of Public and Private sectors..The aim of full employment can be achieved by motivating the Private sector. along with the Public sector 

    • 100% employment…!!! Jus joke..There PDP promise is to gain vote only…..bt we r nt fools…..madam TANDIN

  9. Watch out for PDP’s pledges that keeps declining.

    1. A bank in each Geog has now been changed into making SMS facility available which is already there.
    2. A volero for each Geog is now changed into Service Utility Vehicle which could even mean a scootar.
    3. A fuel station in each Geog is now changed into keeping few jericans of kerosene that will benefit none.
    4. A mechanical workshop in each geog is now changed into keeping a tool box for machineries and will a tool box solve the maintenance problem?
    5. 9 months maternity leave, but after three months, the mothers must work from their homes. This same policy was put into practice by DPT. However, can lady teachers teach from their homes? Can nurses attend the patients from homes? Most of the women work in schools and hospitals. So, at last, banks, fuel stations, workshops and voleros have all been replaced like the 7 PDP candidates being replaced.

  10. Well this Tandin Wangmo is something else, what was she ranting all about last night she keeps on talking about all the corruption cases, I am wondering which cases she means. As for guaranteeing full employment, looks like she thinks we were born yesterday.

  11. The PDP south Thimphu candidate is some lady, she seems to be lacking very badly in social skills that are normally associated with women. The way she was ranting, no wonder, people can’t stand her.

  12. Sorry, meant to say lacking in social grace.

  13. It is funny. They don’t even have idea how much 11th five year plan will cost forget about other pledges. Another funny thing is doing away with PE?

  14. 100% employment guarantee means school students doesn’t required to get good marks and not even required to get pass, Coz PDP is going to provide them job any way. This is another area where PDP has no idea of system it self. HOW THEY ARE GOING TO RULE THE NATION” even if they get elected??????? Now i sense like they too dont have any idea about what Rs. Crisis is all about. They may be simply say coz other are using the Term. Wai be careful all the voters. PDP is simply using fancy terms to get votes .

  15. DPT dint understood Public -Private cooperation that’s why people think 100 % employment is impossible.As of now government treat some section of the private sectors like an enemy. That’s why there is a lack of coordination between the government and the private sector which ultimately failed to generate the employment opportunities.Even people prefer corrupted government and that built up the confident of DPT government and do very minimum for the private and the youth.

  16. I lost faith on PDP, so will vote for DPT

  17. Now, what are PDP’s pledges? Few barrels of kerosene, a scootar for service utility vehicle, SMS banking facility and a tool box in each geog? I think a gup can arrange those facilities and we do not need a ruling government for these small things. Children do not need to study because 100 percent employment is gurranteed or else unemployment allowances are there. Now, they realize it was wrong to pledge bbenefits for the armforce. Now, PDP is left only with two helicopters which they will use in case some children are caught up in the middle of river that may happen once in a life time.

  18. People complain this paper “The Bhutanese” is anti-Dpt or anti-Govt. In the common forum at Ramjar also the Dpt candidate said the same thing. He said the Bhutanese paper’s main aim is to tarnish dpt and bring down as far as possible.
    I will not agree with this. Because this paper also contains so many persons writing against Pdp also. Sometimes I feel this “the Bhutanses” is acutually anti-Pdp because many writers write against Pdp saying what Pdp says are ambitious and false to get votes only.
    Otherwise this paper will write only positive things about Pdp. I find equally anti-dpt and anti-pdp. So there is a balanced exposure of news items.

  19. Rebecagurung:
    she could not prevent well, very very poor in Dzongkhag, cannot read properly aslo. She also skipped QA session. Probably afraid to face challenging questions from the floor. So she refused to attend QA session saying that she is not well with her health. Was she hospitalized?    
    So sorry, how can dpt supporters vote for her. If dranam and dangden principle is applied the votes should go to her opponent.
    However I like her for her majestic beauty. But what to do i am aged.
    She tried her best though though not upto marks. 
    She did very well but was lacked quality, substance of her talks. Also spoke very angrily. This anger spoiled her beuty. However let us vote her as she comes from “Noble family” i.e daughter of Tsakaling Lama. One can have a birth of a “noble son” or a trulku also if one marries her since I think she is not married. But please learn to speak gently even to your enemy otherwise your qualification is uselss.

  20. Watever it is, i already ticked my vote to PDP today.

  21. @pala Private and public cooperation will not work. Our private agencies are only making their employees work like donkeys and pay them very less. As such, no one wants to join them. In fact, this idea was the order of the DEL and RCSC ever since our youths started to be unemployed. In fact, the govt. had even given them tax holidays to encourage absorbing the youth and to pay better to attract more youths. Our youth want to start their carreer by sitting on the revolving chairs.

  22. As of now DPT have run the govt for last five years and most of the top levels are in set and I am sure they dont have much worry whether they win or loss. They have done self development in most cases. Now PDP is rushing for the same. what would be PDP options self development or development of supporters>>????????

  23. I think we should follow what Laooprasad says. He says “thanks for the voters who voted me but I was busy making my house for the last 5 years. Now please vote me then I will study all the proposals in the next years. Then again vote me another 5 years and then I will implement all the works for the people, work day and night till targets are achieved 100%. Since I achieved 100% peole should vote me another 5 years. He wants 20 years to implement and other parties have no chance for next 20 years”.

  24. Hi I am not challenging the people who don’t believe in this Success. But the truth is Bhutan is one of the smallest Countries in the world with just over 0.6 million people. And there are some Companies in the world like Walmart employing over 22 million employees. So, if we think practically it is very easy to give 100% employment to the nation for just 6 million people. It is not a big figure. Going by revenue, even Hydro power projects in Bhutan should be capable of giving more than 2 million people. So people think practically and appreciate Tshering Tobgay for all his efforts and care for the Nation. Thanks

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