100 youths to be sent for jobs in Kuwait

The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) will be sending 100 youth to work as sales associates in M.H. Alshaya Company in Kuwait this summer, in June or July. The sales associate training program is a direct collaboration between MoLHR and M.H. Alshaya Company. The company is interested to promote job opportunities for Bhutanese jobseekers and offer specialized training as well.

According to MoLHR, the candidates will be shortlisted from the chronic registered jobseeker, those who have registered in the job portal for a longer duration. The selected candidates will undergo a two-month training in Thimphu, after which, a final selection will be done by the recruitment team from M.H. Alshaya.

A delegation from Kuwait led by the Vice Chairman of Alshaya Company, Abdulla Alshaya, was in Bhutan for a meeting with MoLHR Minister, Ngeema Sangay Tshempo, and senior officials on May 1 in Thimphu.

During the meeting, the Kuwaiti delegation said that they want to provide training in retailing to those jobseekers interested in becoming retailers. Alshaya is also interested in recruiting Bhutanese workers to work in car dealership, as sales person in shops, restaurant and hotels.

“It is all about the service, which is why we know that there is a high quality of spoken English in Bhutan,” said an official from M.H Alshaya.

“Training institute can be established here, in Bhutan, and it can also be a training ground for the Bhutanese youth. Train them in same system that Kuwait operates in other countries,” said Lyonpo Ngeema Sangay Tshempo during the meeting with official from Alshaya. As of March 13, the ministry has received 493 applications for the sales associates training.

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  1. Kuenzang Delek

    Great opportunity for undergraduate youths of bhuutan

    • Kuenzang Delek

      What a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate youths of Bhutan who have completed their studies.

  2. Kuenzang Delek

    I want to join in this vacancy

  3. Tshering choki

    I also like to work in alshaya company rather den other. So please give me opportunity. I will do mi best.

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