1,000 Shock sensors and CCTV cameras to protect Chortens and Lhakhangs

The crime or offence against Ku-Sung-Thuk-Ten is becoming a serious national concern especially with many blatant Chorten vandalization cases. There were 230 cases reported against Ku-Sung-Thuk-Ten in 2014, while 129 cases were reported in 2015.

Although there is a decrease in the number of crime against Ku-Sung-Thuk-Ten, the RBP has brought about two new initiatives to bring down the number of such incidents to as low a number as possible. RBP is initiating the installation of the CCTV in Lhakhangs around the country and shock sensor alarm systems in chortens.

Chief of Police, Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel, said that the project proposal is already completed and will be submitted to the government by next week.

“We’ve informed the government and government is positive about the proposal. Instead of spending money on repairing chortens, it is good to invest money in installing such equipment,” he said.

He also said that the project has set a target to install more than 1000 such CCTV and sensors all over the country.

He said, “The shock sensor equipment has good features in it. The equipment has four batteries and the advantage of the batteries is that they go to sleep when not in use, and it lasts for two years. It has a microphone in it which can pick up the sound immediately.”

He also said that SIM card can be inserted into the shock sensor equipment which stores 10 telephone numbers, whereby the moment a person starts breaking into the chorten, it gets activated and will ring up the 10 numbers stored in the SIM.

The built in microphone feature allows for 10 people connected to the equipment to listen into any conversation or noise as a chorten is being vandalized.

“The sensor can be installed in any part of the chorten. We have planted two shock sensors in two different chortens to test the equipment, and it works absolutely well,” the Chief of Police said.

Police official said that an alarm can be set in the SIM stored in the shock sensor. For instance, an alarm can be set to give a message when the battery life reaches 15 percent so that they can change the battery before the death of the battery.

As crime prevention measures, RBP also will be installing CCTV in various lhakhangs. In the last one year, RBP has been carrying out sensitization workshop among the Koenyers (caretakers) of all lhakhangs in the country.

“We have been talking about the benefits of installing the CCTV, and surprisingly, we got very positive response from them,” Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel added.

He also said that the respective lhakhangs should bear the cost of such safety equipment as they get lots of donations from the people. So far, 160 Koenyers and lhakhang owners have volunteered to bear the cost.

RBP will carry out the tendering process to bring down the cost. They will select the lowest bidder, and in collaboration with the bidder, RBP will supervise and install the CCTV.

The amount will be collected later on from the Kyoenyer and will be paid to the bidder through RBP. “In the long run, our Ku-Sung-Thuk-Ten and Nangten will be guarded and safe, crime will be reduced and our Koenyers will not land up behind bars,” he said.

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