RBP investigating English Paper II leak

Those involved in the English II paper leakage will be dealt as per the procedures and law said the Prime Minister during the 15th Meet-the Press held yesterday.

Lyonchhen said the law required for the examination authority, Bhutan Council for Secondary Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA), to provide their findings to the Office of Attorney General (OAG). Further, the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) has conducted an investigation upon advice from OAG.

After the RBP findings are submitted to OAG, the people involved in the paper leakage will be taken to the court. “We do not want anyone undermining the integrity of our examination process,” Lyonchhen added.

In addition, Lyonchhen said it is just a matter of time before every student and adult involved in leaking the examination paper are brought to justice.

“We have children who have worked very hard throughout

the school life, and at the end of the day, to have a few people undermine or sabotage the whole examination process, it is not acceptable,” Lyonchhen said.

There were eight candidates and two adults involved in the question paper leakage. BCSEA also found that the source of leakage was an official and another official was the information dispenser. The eight candidates were involved in further spreading of the paper leakage.

Under the purview of BCSEA, the two adults are eternally barred from participating in any of the BCSEA’s activities. BCSEA also cancelled the Bhutan Higher Secondary Education Certificate (BHSEC) 2014 results of the eight candidates. They were also barred from taking the BHSEC examination for a time ranging from one to three years. Seven of the candidates were barred for a year each and one candidate for three years. They are, however, eligible to sit of the exam after completion of the barred period.

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