108,000 trees to celebrate HRH The Gyalsey

Bhutanese from all walks will be engaged in the special Tendrel planting of 108,000 trees on March 6th as a gesture of welcoming His Royal Highness The Gyalsey .

The day will be marked by planting an auspicious number of 108,000 trees with one tree representing one household. These sokshings will represent the dedication, prayer and wishes of every Bhutanese household to The Gyalsey.

As per the Tendrel initiative each household will nurse their tree so that it grows up healthy and strong, just as it is the wish of every member of the household for The Gyalsey to grow up in perfect health.

Further the tree will serve as a constant reminder to the household of the importance of Wangchuck dynasty as the ultimate symbol of Bhutan’s unity, stability and nationhood.

Bhutanese across the country have pledged to plant 108,000 trees, and it has been adopted and sponsored by various agencies in the country.

A volunteer with the Tendrel initiative in Thimphu, Sonam Delma said people are excited about the plantation day and the 1,000 saplings intended for households was distributed within few hours in Thimphu.

She said 1000 saplings in Thimphu are for those who are unable to participate in the main plantation site in Kuensel Phodrang.

“Everyone is interested and I get phone calls asking for a sapling” Sonam Delma said.

In Thimphu the event is sponsored by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).

Further TCB has initiated an idea in having every tourist visiting Bhutan in the Fire Male Monkey year 2016 plant a tree each dedicated to HRH The Gyalsey.

In order to make such plans successful, Tour operators in the country are encouraged to include it in their itinerary.

The Tendrel initiative volunteer in Wangduephodrang, Kelzang Wangchuk said that the local people, office goers, students, business communities etc are equally excited for the day and have given their full support throughout the preparation.

He said that the historic plantation in Wangduephodrang is proposed above the Bajo town and people are even interested in planting more trees than what is distributed to the dzongkhag.

Meanwhile in Trashigang people are extremely delighted for the Tendrel day and according to Ugyen Pelgen, volunteer with Tendrel initiative, people have even asked for more numbers of saplings.

He said that the community Forest members from Khaling, Lumang, Thrimshing,and Kangpara  will be planting additional 800 number of walnut trees and in total Trashigang dzongkhag alone will be planting more than 13,000 trees tomorrow.

He added  that some places like Lumang has come up with an idea of first planting the saplings in wooden boxes and other containers to first nurture plant well and later transfer them to the field when the saplings gets more healthier.

The Tendrel initiative in Trashigang was sponsored by RICBL and the inmates in Lungzor central jail will adopt the trees soon after the plantation.

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