111th National Day

Even the most causal observer would note that Bhutan’s National Day is gathering only more importance and value with each year.

It is not just a one-day celebration of Bhutan’s sovereign and united nationhood achieved under our Kings, but the one day has an important reverberation well beyond the event.

It is a day where Bhutan, led by His Majesty The King, further strengthens the national spirit and where His Majesty, as the head of the state, gives the long term view and continuity that is now even more important in a democracy where governments come and go every five years.

Bhutan is a unique country and democracy where our Kings are looked upon by the masses for inspiration, guidance and leadership.

It is amazing that in the many National Day addresses and actions till date, His Majesty has demonstrated the rare ability of having a true pulse on the nation and its people.

Bhutan has come this far and done far better than its neighbors and many countries around the world due to the wise and exemplary leadership of our Kings.

The 111th National Day is a time to not only reflect on the past and current but also to look to our North Star – His Majesty The King for direction and inspiration for our collective future national path.

“Every nation determines its own destiny; the cleverer the nation, the better the fate!” 
Mehmet Murat Ildan

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