1,126 slots for civil service this year

With a record number of attrition from the civil service for the FY 2022-23, this year, the civil service will take in 1,126 graduates into the civil service.

This year, there was a huge number of applicants registered for the Bhutan Civil Service Exam (BCSE), registrations peaking at 4,477. The applicants who passes the preliminary exams (PE) will be competing with fellow applicants for a slot in the civil service.

In the administration service categories, there are 55 slots, for finance service there are 40 slots, and for the legal service there are 15 slots.

For the postgraduate diploma in education, there are 245 slots. In Dzongkha category there are 75 slots, for math there are 35 slots, 10 slots for physics, 20 slots for chemistry, 7 slots for biology, 20 slots for English, 15 slots for history, 5 slots for geography and 25 slots for economics.

For IT education, there are 20 slots. 5 slots for accountancy, 5 slots for commerce, and 3 slots for guidance and counseling.

For bachelors in Education, there are 430 slots. For the general category for B.Ed. primary, there are 200 slots. For B.Ed Dzongkha, there are 100 slots, for B.Ed secondary with English elective there are 5 slots, there are 15 slots for B.Ed secondary with math elective, 10 slots for B.Ed secondary with IT elective, 5 slots for B.Ed secondary with geography elective, 10 slots for B.Ed with chemistry elective, and 30 slots for B.Ed secondary with any science subject elective.

For the special educational needs, general category for B.Ed primary, there are 30 slots and for special educational needs, Dzongkha category, there are 20 slots.

For the technical service, there are 341 slots. 1 slot is for aeronautical information services (AIS) officer, 1 slot for agriculture engineer, 9 slots for agriculture officer/soil fertility & plant nutrition officer, 4 slots for architect, 2 slots for assistant chemist. There are 5 slots for assistant clinical counselor, 1 slot for assistant conservator, 3 slots for assistant cultural officer, 1 slot for assistant emergency medical response officer, 14 slots for assistant environment officer, 32 slots for assistant ICT officer/assistant air traffic control officer.

There is 1 slot for assistant language development officer, 5 slots for assistant nutritionist/dietician, 1 slot for assistant post production officer, 7 slots for assistant program officer (public health), and 4 slots for assistant regulatory and quarantine officer.

There is 1 slot for an audiologist, 1 slot for beautician officer, 71 slots for clinical nurses IV, 1 slot for conservation architect, 1 slot for conservation engineer, 2 slots for dairy officer, and 2 slots for Drungtsho. There are 10 slots for engineer (bio-medical), 24 slots for engineer (civil/development regulatory officer), 11 slots for engineer (electrical), 1 slot for engineer (geology), 4 slots for engineer (mechanical), 3 slots for engineer (mining), and 1 slot for engineer (water).

There is 1 slot for entomologist, 1 slot for flight safety officer, 7 slots for forestry officer, 4 slots for general duty dental surgeon, 45 slots for general duty medical officer, 3 slots for geologists, 2 slots for horticulture officer, 15 slots for laboratory officer (medical lab tech), and 1 slot for landscape architect.

There are 3 slots for livestock production officer (animal science), 2 slots for meteorology/hydrology officer, 1 slot for optometrist, 1 slot for ortho-technologist, 1 slot for OT technologist, 7 slots for pharmacists, 5 slots for physiotherapists.

There are also 2 slots for plant protection officer, 4 slots for radio technologist, 2 slots for statistical officer, 6 slots for survey engineer, 1 slot for urban planner, and 4 slots for veterinary officer.

With a high attrition, there are many slots for the civil service this time. Almost 1,100 people will be employed from the 4477 applicants.

According to the applicants for the BCSE, they share that Australia will be their last option even if they don’t get into the civil service.

Basuhdah shares, “For the civil service, with a limited slots, if I don’t qualify for my expected choice be it administration or teaching during the BCSE this time, I’m planning to work here if I get a job here. Right now, as Australia is the last option.”

Most applicants this time are sharing sentiments of working in the country, only wanting to try out for Australia as the last resort, if they don’t have other options.

However, there are also applicants that share that they will opt to go outside for further studies if they don’t get to work in the civil service.

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