113th National Day

Bhutan has been undergoing a strong stress test at various levels since the advent of COVID-19 in March 2020.

This pandemic came not only with grave health implications, but also brought a never before seen economic impact as all activities either froze or slowed down with the tourism industry the worst hit but many others also impacted.

Many bigger, richer, more powerful and better resourced nations around the world were brought to its knees by this powerful health and economic pandemic not seen in more than a century since the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Just like an individual knows his true self in a time of great difficulty, the past year has been a revelation for us in many ways.

Bhutan not only prevented any deaths but also stopped community spread and ensured that a there was a financial net for all classes of society from those who lost their jobs to those unable to pay loans on farms or hotels and projects.

If one takes a close look at the above national tapestry one will notice a common golden thread running through it holding it all together providing leadership, strength and solace. This golden thread is His Majesty The King.

Given our poor economic status and limited facilities and resources we could have had the pandemic roaring through and wrecking havoc on our already stressed health system.

Given our economic condition we could have had huge and untold economic and social misery as thousands of jobs were lost, businesses shut down and Financial Institutions stood the chance of going belly up to wreck even more havoc.

We were all spared this terrible and dark nightmare due to the determination, compassion, intelligence and sheer passion of our King who has been a savior for the nation in a very turbulent time.

In this 113th National Day it is not yet time to let our guards down, but many Bhutanese hearts will be saying thank you and a silent prayer for our precious King.

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