11th National Job Fair concludes

The 11th National Job Fair organized by Department of Employment under the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) concluded on March 28 at the Changlimithang Stadium, Thimphu.

Minister, MoLHR, Ngeema Sangay Tshempo said, “The 11th National Job fair not only exhibit different career options of your choice in various private and corporate sectors, but it will also instill constructive idea to embark upon new career path of your life.”

“The job fair will enable each and every jobseekers and exhibitors to meet your prospective employers and employees. Now regarding the current scenario of labour market situation in Bhutan, one of the main challenges of the government is to address the youth unemployment situation in Bhutan. According to the Labour Survey in 2013, the overall unemployment rate is 2.9%.” Lyonpo said.

The ministry stated that unemployment problem stems from jobseekers looking down on the blue-collar jobs, the poor working conditions, and the mismatch between supply and demand of skills in the job market. The requirement of work experience, which the youth do not possess, is also a hindrance in landing a job.

Lyonpo said the job fair is to provide avenues to the unemployed youth and provide information to jobseekers on job market by bringing potential employers and employees together.

“While undergoing the job selection, I plead all public, corporate and private employers to provide first priority to employment of Bhutanese. The recruitment process should also be based on open competition, equal opportunity, merit and complete transparency,” he added.

There were total of 1,499 slots and 2,362 slots for training and grand total was 3.861.

There were 164 vacancy available for the general graduates, 38 for technical graduates, 33 for Diploma,59 for TTI/certificates, 126 for class XII, 26 for class X, 923 for class IX and below, and 130 for without qualification. A total of 1,499 vacancies opened for 11th National Job Fair.

There were 37 exhibitors, out of which 8 was from government, 3 from corporate sector, 5 from private training institute, 3 from hydro-power sector and18 from other areas.

However, the youth unemployment during the same year at 7.3% is a serious concern for a country like Bhutan with a small population and facing acute manpower shortage in some sectors of the economy.

During the 11th FYP, there will be around 1, 20,000 job seekers entering the job market and to maintain the government’s target of achieving full employment, around 82,000 new jobs are being created. The government plans to deploying 30,000 jobseekers in the Overseas Employment Program through private agents.

Lyonpo Ngeema Sangay Tshempo said three Bhutanese Overseas Employment Agents have participated in National Job Fair for necessary clarification concerning the mode of recruitment and placement of Bhutanese overseas.

Further, 42,000 jobseekers will be absorbed in the local economy which comprises of hydropower, private construction, health, tourism, entrepreneurships, NGO’s, agriculture and many more. Some of these vacancies and requirement were displayed by exhibitors. The remaining 10,000 jobseekers will be engaged in other engagement programs like Employment Guaranteed Program (EGP) and National Volunteer Service Program (NVSP), a new initiative of the government, University Graduate Internship Program (UGIP), Pre-Engagement Engagement Program (PEEP) among others.

The government is also working towards diversifying the courses in the Technical Training Institutes (TTI) and Special Training Programs. (STP)

According to the MoLHR, a total of 1,481 jobseekers visited for employment purpose, 109 for training purpose and 139 for the information at the 11th National Job Fair.

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