127 waste dumping incidents reported via Zero Waste Bhutan App

The National Environment Commission (NEC) has imposed a fine of Nu 132,500 since the launch of the Zero Waste Bhutan Application. To date, 127 incidents have been reported through the App.

As per NEC, they have collected few amounts and defaulters have not made the payment yet. They are given the time of two weeks to pay the fines.

The App was officially launched on 13 December 2022. The penalty ranges from minimum of Nu 250 to a maximum of Nu 30,000.

Till date there are 1,159 individuals registered on the App.

According to NEC, if the defaulters repeats the same offense, the initial amount will be doubled, and if the same offence is repeated for the third time, the penalty amount will be tripled the initial amount.

Highlighting the challenges, the NEC’s Chief of Waste Management, Thinley Dorji, said, “The inspectors have difficulties while collecting penalties since some defaulters are unwilling to pay. They have been given two weeks to pay the fines” he said.

Failure to pay the penalty within 14 days will lead to a daily late payment fee of 10 percent of the penalty amount applicable  for up to  20 days.

Defaulters may also be subject to “Naming and Shaming”.

Zero Waste Bhutan App is primarily for enforcement of waste-related offences.

Every individual can register by giving correct credentials and take up community policing role in addressing the ever-increasing waste problems.

30 percent of the penalty amount will be paid to your registered bank account following the successful reporting of the default and realization of the penalty from the defaulter.

The App has a platform for information dissemination, a payment mechanism for fines, and details on facilities and services.

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