134 arrests in Phuenstholing for controlled substances in 2016

Police made 134 arrests in connection with illegal trafficking of controlled substances since January this year in the border town of Phuentsholing.

Police in total seized 17,479 pieces of SP, 1229 tablets of N10, 1051.2311 kgs of Marijuana, 9 Diluters, 389 bottles of corex, 21.37 grams of hashish, 126,330 sticks of cigarettes, 30.83 grams of brown sugar, 142,320 sticks of beedi, 4,080 packets of Neera Kainee (chewing tobacco), 2 hukas and 12,470.13 kgs of baba chewing tobacco.

Phuntsholing SP said peddlers buy in small amounts and store it until it becomes a huge quantity. Then they do business in bulk.

He also said that they carry out a random checking because of the floating population. “If a person or a vehicle travelling is found suspicious we do a check and sometimes we seize a huge amount or a small quantity.

“Not every person or vehicle we check is carrying controlled substances, but we do the checking when we receive information and when the person misbehaves,” the SP said.

Of 134 arrests 11 were female.

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