Bhutan to celebrate the first-ever National Voters’ Day

Bhutan is set to celebrate the first-ever National Voters’ Day across the country on September 15, coinciding with the International Democracy Day.

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) has decided to celebrate the day as part of the resolutions of the Forum of Election Management Bodies of South Asia held on first week of October last year in Thimphu.

As election management body, ECB is dedicating a day to the voters who play a vital role in the democratic process and in shaping the nation as a whole. ECB will also issue VPIC to new voters and those coming of age to vote.

Many activities are being planned to celebrate the day, including a tribute to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo on His Majesty’s 60th birth anniversary.

“The day will be dedicated to the voters of Bhutan. This very first National Voters’ Day, we are aiming to focus on the young voters. We have several activities planned for the day which is, at the moment, being considered by the commission,” ECB said.

ECB said they would like to engage all the stakeholders and young voters in the program aimed at encouraging them to part take in the future elections.

Talking a young voter, a 20-year-old, Tshering Tashi said such an initiative is a good one and that he is happy to know that National Voters’ Day will be celebrated in the country for the first time.

“I am expecting to know more on election process and procedures and anything related to elections from the day. As a responsible citizen and voter, I want to make myself clear by clarifying my doubts during the day,” Tshering Tashi said.

Yeshi Dema, 30, said for a vibrant democracy, the voters have to be educated on the process of voting. “I feel this will have an immense benefit to the voters, be it young or old, and to be wiser and take part in the elections to come because one vote counts,” said Yeshi Dema.

She is hopeful that the National Voters’ Day will encourage voters to become more responsible.

While the celebrations will be seen all dzongkhags, in Thimphu, the day will be celebrated at the Clock Tower Square.

According to ECB, the cost estimation for celebrating the day, nationwide, will come to around Nu 2.1mn.

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