14 year old boy rapes a two year old girl child

Trashigang Police have detained a 14 year old boy on the charges of raping a two year and six month year girl child in Melphey under Trashigang Dzongkhag on March 23.

The incident occurred when the parents were busy preparing food which they sold in the town every morning.

The suspect is the tenant in the victim’s house and also a regular visitor to the victim’s house. The suspect, would baby sit the child when the parents were away from home.

According to the victim’s mother the suspect came to their place asking for a mobile phone to call his mother, who was away from home that time. The suspect then left the place along with the child as he normally did.

The mother after finishing her work had gone to get her baby from the boys place but when she reached the boys place, she saw her child lying naked on the bed with the suspect standing over the child in a compromising position.

“I asked him why he removed my baby’s clothes but he said that my baby wanted to urinate,” said the victim’s mother. She said that she walked away with her child from the suspect’s place suspecting that her baby might have raped since the baby cried as soon as she entered in the room.

The mother said that she talked about her suspicions to her husband but her husband refused to believe her, as the boy was close to the family.

However, the incident finally came to the light when the baby cried of the pain while urinating and the parents saw some external injuries and blood on the genital area.

The victim was taken to the hospital by her parents, treated and released.

According to the hospital report the baby had the signs of a rape with injuries in the genital area. The hospital report confirmed that the baby was raped.

The baby is in stable condition but in pain.

The suspect who is from Thrimshing Kangpara under Trashigang Dzongkhag has been detained by the police for further investigation.

This is the first case of statutory rape in Trashigang this year.

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  1. What a disturbing news. It’s high time the government focuses its development in all region equally and there is need for social security in our country. So the children are born free of any fear or injustices to them. 

  2. honest_bhutan

    God be with us

  3. Angry citizin

    There is no punishment that can give justice to what the baby might have went through at this early age, The boy is really sick on mind he needs to be checked first and then dragged to court.

  4. ..the past soldier rapin 11/12 yr was rele sad…but here,…sad but remember the boy is 14 yrs old…plus the boy has just entered puberty, so even his sexual urge might not b the cause…the teenage mind of curiosity, everything cud happen….whole family name gone, bhutanese reporters sucks, lookin for any little news n puttin oil to the littl fire, fear outta unemployment n boss….Bhutan needs improvement!!!

  5. What a sad story, only punishment for this sex fiend should be castration.

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