15,362 jobseekers registered with MoLHR, 5,846 employed so far.

As per the latest records with the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource (MoLHR), there are 15362 jobseekers registered with MoLHR from 1 January 2013 till 30 November 2014, out of which 5846 have been employed in government, private sector, NGOs and corporations. The record also shows that 9516 youth are still unemployed.

The number of jobseekers registered by qualifications range from 1 jobseeker with a PhD, 97 with masters, 3580 general graduates, 1317 technical graduates, 71 diploma holders, 570 with certificates, 6029 class XII, 2915 class X, 309 IX, below, 276 illiterate and 197 categorized under ‘others’.

To ease the unemployment situation in the country, MoLHR has initiated a Guaranteed Employment Program (GEP). There are three schemes under GEP; Direct Employment Scheme, Overseas Employment Scheme and Employment Skills Scheme. The criteria for short listing in GEP are the subject relevancy of the registered job seekers against post, and upon duration of un-employment. The registered jobseekers that have not been able to find jobs for more than six months are given the first preference in job placement.

The latest figures on Overseas Employment Scheme with MoLHR show that the Global Recruitment Agent, which looks at jobs in Doha, Qatar, have sent 43 males and 24 females and employed 67 youth. Other employment agents, like TUSK has sent three females to Thailand, Employ Bhutan has found employment for 11 males and 20 females in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and employed 31 jobseekers as well. Tenzu Overseas Employment Agent has sent 10 males and 3 females to Malaysia and employed 13 jobseekers, whereas the government has sent 41 males and 48 females to Thailand as teachers, 26 males and 4 females to Israel to work in agro farms and 18 males and 280 females to India for beauty, hair and spa. However, 82 males and 97 females went on their own to India. A total of 710 youth (231 males and 479 females) have found jobs under the Overseas Employment Scheme.

The latest figure on Employment Skills Scheme (training field) shows 20 class XII graduates (14 males and 6 females) and 10 class X graduates (5 males and 5 females) have been trained in food and beverages. Further, 1 female graduate, 8 class XII graduates (1 male and 7 females) and 6 class X graduate (2 males and 4 females) have been trained in bakery.

Those trained in commercial cooking are 1 university graduate, 10 class XII graduates (7 males and 3 females) and 11 males and 8 females. In housekeeping, 10 female class XII graduates have been trained and 12 class X graduates. 1 male and 1 female university graduates, 20 class XII graduates (3 males and 17 females) and 3 (females) class X graduates have been trained in front office.  In accounting and management, 228 graduates (129 males and 99 females), 66 high school graduates (48 males and 18 females), and 62 class X graduates (20 males and 42 females) have been trained. Therefore, a total of 478 (242 males and 236 females) have received various training under the scheme.

Under the Direct Employment Scheme as of 1 July 2014 till 19 December 2014, 2970 vacancies were announced. 504 females and 465 males were placed in various sectors, like tourism and hospitality, corporations and NGOs, arts and crafts, health, and others. Out of the 893 vacancies, 87 males and 162 females were placed. There were 171 females and 205 males placed under 704 vacancies announced in construction (non-hydro), hydropower, media and entertainment, ICT, agriculture. 171 females and 173 males found job placements in the 1353 vacancies opening in production/manufacturing, automobile, retail and sales, education and training, and green business.

Under Apprentice Training Program (2013-2014), a total of 611 youth (194 males and 417 females) are placed in various dzongkhags, but in 2012-2013 year, total of 422 youth (210 males and 212 females) were placed in the apprentice training program.

The records of the youth engaged under different program from January till 30 December 2014 show 1781 university graduates were engaged in the University Graduates Internship Program (UGIP), 1308 youth were engaged in Pre-Employment and Engagement Program (PEEP) and 462 youth have undergone the entrepreneurship courses.

The cumulative statistics of MoLHR, from January 2013 till 30 November 2014, show that 6926 male and 8436 female jobseekers have registered with MoLHR. The total vacancies announced by the corporate sector was 1986 vacancies, 4529 by the private sector, the government announced 3514 vacancies and 75 vacancies were announced by NGOs.

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