15 drivers caught driving drunk on ‘Dry day’ in Thimphu

Thimphu traffic police recently caught 15 people driving under the influence on Tuesday, officially a dry day.

The 15 people were nabbed between 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm during a highway check on a Tuesday. “If 15 people are caught driving under influence on a dry day imagine the number of people driving under influence on other days,” said the Thimphu Traffic Division Superintendent of Police. “In spite of the educational campaign some unscrupulous drivers do not adhere to such advice.”

Last Tuesday a motor crash happened on the highway near the Kuensel office in Changzamtog, Thimphu. On testing the driver’s alcohol level was 207 grams, way above the permissible 0.8 grams. The crash occurred around 11:30 pm and was reported at 11:35 pm. A 34 year old driver was the only person in the car and luckily nothing happened to him.

According to traffic police the person will be fined for driving under the influence of alcohol on dry day and risking not just his life but also the lives of other people.

Thimphu traffic police recorded a total of 196 accident cases from January to May 2017 in Thimphu of which  59 cases were driving under the influence.


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