Lyonchhen inaugrates the 160 units

160 units allocated on completion of 1st phase of affordable housing in Phuentsholing

The affordable housing in Phuentsholing Project was envisaged by His Majesty The King to address the acute shortage of affordable housing in Phuentsholing. His Majesty commanded the Lhengye Zhungtshog to initiate the construction of affordable housing in Phuentsholing.

A Special committee for affordable housing project was constituted with Finance Minister as chairman and members from NLCS, DHS, Phuentsholing Thromde and NHDCL. NHDCL was directed to plan, design and execute the project.

The Salang Tendrel conducted on July 19,2016. The total project cost including infrastructure development is Nu. 890 million with sovereign guarantee.

The total number of building is 62 with 506 units in 10 different locations.

The construction of buildings on contractual mode commenced in December 2016 and departmental execution started in April 2017.

20 buildings of 160 units at Amochu, were completed in all respects and made ready for allotment. This is the one inaugurated by the Lyonchhen. The first phase of allotment of 160 units were completed in July 2018. The second phase of allotment of 136 units were scheduled in September 2018 while the third phase of allotment of 210 units were schedule in November 2018.

NHDCL said that the staff deployed in the project worked with sincerity, full dedication including during weekends, holidays and late night to meet the deadline.

It said the timely completion of the project was possible with the support from government and various agencies and Phuentsholing Thromde.

There are 1,259 applicants registered with NHDCL. An independent allotment committee has been constituted with Chukha Dzongdag as chairman and members from Law and Order, NCWC, Drungkhag, Royal Bhutan Police, Thromde, BCCI and NHDCL. The allotment will be done with the final verification of the applications.

With the Local Area Plans finalised by Phuentsholing Thromde, the construction of houses will increase thereby reducing the housing crunch.

The Government also directed relevant agencies to facilitate the construction in Phuentsholing

The management said it would like to wish all the lucky 506 families and to rededicate their services to the Tsa-Wa-Sum.

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