164 MHPA employees unemployed after project completion

During the Question Hour Session of the National Assembly yesterday, the Member of Parliament (MP) from Bartsham-Shongphu constituency in Trashigang, Passang Dorji, informed the House that by February, with the completion of the Mangdechu Hydro Power Project, the project will be handed over to DGPC and the employees might lose their job.

He stated that in addition to 170 people who were asked to resign in December, with the completion of the project another 164 people might have to resign.

He said that the government’s pay raise to all the civil servants was made possible because of the project which contributes about Nu 12 billion annually to the nation. He said the government can help them because other plants like Punatshangchhu 1 and 2 are in need of more engineers.

In the past, when Tala was completed, the employees were transferred to PHPA but in this case, it seems that there are no certainties whether the employees would be given jobs in other plants or not, he said.

He asked the Minister of Economic Affairs to inform the House on how the government will address the issue.

Minister for Economic Affairs, Lyonpo Loknath Sharma, said, “I feel really bad for them as 350 employees will be laid off by February 2020.  But as they have worked in a project and have acquired skills, they have better opportunity to get employed compared to others.”

Lyonpo said that the Prime Minister has also met with them to discuss the matter.

Lyonpo said that the project authority has paid them extra benefits in the form of incentives for having worked so hard and successfully in completing the project, which is also a cushion to support them in between jobs.

Lyonpo said the ministry has issued a letter of appreciation to each one of them for their contribution and also provided them with a positive reference.

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